And between a supporter of the song’s lyrics and melody and an opponent of this incompatible cooperation, the song was “the prey” and was devoured by controversy on the communication sites, then the consequences developed into a debate between Sumaya al-Khashab and Omar Kamal.

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, the popular singer expressed his disagreement with the artist, saying: “My cooperation with Sumaya in the song (Malban Masr) is a good cooperation, but there was a plan for the song, and it did not adhere to what we agreed on, and therefore the song won only 12 million Watching only, and this is due to poor planning and non-implementation of the agreed upon.

He added: “I was hoping that this song would achieve greater success, coinciding with the timing of its release at the beginning of the summer season. It is a successful song and it did not fail, and the fans love it, and it could have occupied a higher position than that.”

Kamal revealed the reason for the decline in views, from his point of view, saying: “The clip was supposed to be filmed, which I discovered was the preparation footage, and when it was published and became (Trend) I offered her to shoot the clip, but she apologized for her going to Dubai, so I offered her to film it. Unfortunately, this also did not happen, and she refused, and published the preparation clip for the song, and the fans thought it was the clip, so it appeared in front of the audience that we produced something bad in filming, and of course that harmed the song.

And about the public’s criticism of them, he replied, “I do not like defamation, so let us leave the creation to the Creator, and I was surprised by the hurtful comments regarding the age group between me and the wood, because this is inappropriate.”

Kamal and Hama Beca

Regarding his new song, “Qamar Al-Tik Tokaya” with Hama Beka, he said: “It is not a condition that Hassan Shakoush and I cooperate in all songs, and there is no dispute between us, and we have released a new song, Hassan and I, bearing the name (I am the groom) and it will achieve great success.”

He continued, “Each of us, whether I, Hassan Shakoush or Hama Beka, can cooperate with any other party, as one of us can cooperate with the other, and it is not a condition that there be tripartite cooperation between us.”

On the Syndicate’s crisis with festival artists, Kamal explained: “We have gone through something like this and tried it. The Syndicate does not accept harm for them, but there may be people whose papers are incomplete, and they have not finished performing military service, and it may be that some of them do not fall under the singing section and they may enter Rap, but I hope that their problems will be solved, because we are in a season, especially in the conditions of Corona, and they have families.”

single success

On the contrary, Al-Khashab’s statements came, during which she confirmed that she did not expect the success of the clip of her last song, “Promise You”, issued by “Trend”, ignoring any differences between her and Kamal.

In a press statement, she said: “I am undoubtedly very happy with this success, especially since the song has been rated Trend 25 in the world,” adding that she is currently thinking of producing an idea for a new clip that will reveal its details soon.

weak song
For her part, art critic Sarah Sarraj commented in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, saying: “The song is not strong, and the melody is very old, and the video clip relied on one filming location and one clothes. The difference is only in the movement of the cameras, and it was very boring, as well. About that the words are old, there is no sophistication, no renewal, and nothing attracts the ear.

And Siraj continued: “The duet between Sumaya and Omar is not appropriate in form and substance, as he is much younger than her and not suitable for each other, and this is called in the field of criticism the physical compatibility, so Sumaya al-Khashab has a physical composition much larger than Kamal.”

And she continued: “Despite the difference in form, they are close in terms of sound, but the song is not attractive, and I am against the differences and their appearance and details to the public, so the secrets of the clip and behind the scenes must be kept, and it is not correct for Kamal to appear and say that the clip did not achieve great viewing because of the wood and also Somaya should not say that the clip does not work because of some things.”