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The Citizens’ Climate Convention hands over its work to Emmanuel Macron

The Citizens’ Climate Convention hands over its work to Emmanuel Macron

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In France, the 150 citizens of the Climate Convention drawn by lot worked for 8 months, and this Monday, June 29, they are submitting to Emmanuel Macron their proposals for measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, by compared to 1990, by 2030. The French president undertook at the start of the convention to transmit them “without filter” to the various authorities.

Accommodation, consumption, production and work, food, these are the themes that are treated in the proposals of the convention.

« In fact, all of society is affected by our proposals. At the highest level of the state, ecological transition must be a political or an action engine because otherwise we are going into the wall. The economy must serve the energy transition “Says Hugues Olivier, one of the citizens.

But taking into account all the measures proposed by the convention and changing priorities could be expensive, some will retort. This is not the opinion of Benoît Leguet, the president of the Institute of the economy for the climate (I4CE), because if measures cost money, others bring back.

« We made a calculation of these measures, he explains. We arrive at a total annual cost of 6 billion euros per year for public finances for citizen measures. And for these 6 billion that citizens offer, it is ultimately to have benefits, that is to say a reduction in greenhouse gases, it is reduced air pollution, it is comfort sometimes higher thermal, etc. And then there may be jobs at stake. In the end, we see a very modest cost. We are not on a Marshall level, we are on a surgical level and we just have to put it in artwork. “

For citizens of the Convention, the work does not stop with the submission of proposals to Emmanuel Macron, they have created an association “les 150”, to ensure monitoring and promotion.

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