The Chinese rover Zhurong and the photo of the parachute landing site

The CNSA (Chinese space agency) is continuing to release information and images regarding the rover cinese Zhurong which is located on Mars. We recently wrote about how the rover reached and exceeded 300 meters on the surface of the Red Planet but that’s not all!

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In these hours the rover visited the place where its parachute and rear cover landed (backshell) during the final stages of the landing on Mars, which took place on May 15, 2021. This planned to move further than the area where the lander is located.

The new photographs of the Chinese rover Zhurong

A few days ago the CNSA announced that the Martian rover, on July 11th, had traveled 410 meters on the surface of the planet. In the message he confirmed that operations were proceeding without any problems. In the same post it was added that theorbiter Tianwen-1 it had been in orbit for over 353 days and even in this case no faults were reported.


The next day, however, the rover had moved further to reach the parachute area which is 350 meters from the area where the lander is located. According to reports, on July 12, the rover cinese Zhurong had traveled 435 meters from the landing area (and 450 meters in total). For safety reasons, a distance of 30 meters from the rear cover and the parachute was kept.

zhurong rover

Both black and white obstacle detection cameras and the built-in color camera were used “head” (where you can see the solar panels and the directional antenna). This made it possible to obtain different views of the same objects. The Perseverance rover (which landed first on Mars) currently has traveled 1.48 km.

Over the next few days on Mars, the rover cinese Zhurong it should start producing scientific results thanks to the various integrated tools. For example, the meteorological data, those of the magnetic field and the analysis of rocks thanks to the spectrometer, about which we wrote yesterday.


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