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Besides the technological and expected electric cars from brands like BYD or NIO, two of the most notorious launches from China were the ORA Ballet Cat and Punk Cat, and not because of the disruptive nature of its concept or because of its technological charge, but because of the blatant resemblance to one of the most iconic models of all time, the Volkswagen Beetle. Finally, the brand has the prices for your country of the electric ORA Ballet Cat.

These are two models that are distinguished from each other by offering a design and equipment solutions that are more in line with the female or male audience, something that is still common in China. The Ballet Cat will be offered with square headlights and more feminine colors, while the Punk Cat will do the same with round headlights and more masculine aesthetic solutions.

The price announced by ORA for the moment is relative to the first of both models, the Ballet Cat. In China, this peculiar electric Beetle will be available in two different versions based on the capacity of its battery, which can 49.9 or 60.5 kWh to achieve approved autonomy of 401 and 500 kilometers (Always based on the outdated NECD approval cycle).

The price of the first version will start from 193,000 yuan, while the one with the largest battery will start at 223,000 yuan, which based on the current exchange rate, it assumes a price range between 28,000 and 32,200 eurosover.

ORA Ballet Cat

It is an electric car that can be considered a C-segment due to its dimensions. It is 4.4 meters long, 1.86 wide and 1.63 highwhile the wheelbase stands at 2.75 meters.

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Volkswagen’s take on the ORA Ballet Cat

Volkswagen previously talked about introducing the ORA Ballet Cat. And it is that by the time it was presented in China more than a year ago, the spotlight turned almost immediately to the German brand, waiting for an answer from Volkswagen.

At that time, it was the Carscoops medium that managed to extract some statements from Volkswagen offices: “We are reviewing this matter regarding any violation of the design rights or utility model of Volkswagen AG and we reserve the right about the necessary legal measures“.

But given that the laws regarding the protection of intellectual property in China seem excessively lax, the German manufacturer has little room for maneuver to assert its rights over the design of the Volkswagen Beetle. It is precisely for this reason that the marketing of the Ballet Cat and Punk Cat by ORA outside its own country seems almost impossible, since markets such as the European or the American Volkswagen would have all the law to enforce their rights on the Beetle.



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