The ‘chilata’ paid by the Fathers for Juan Soto

Juan Soto is with the San Diego Padres since we arrived at the exchange deadline. Speculation about his fate this season outside the Nationals has decreased, but bombardment of speculation and questions by which he felt jaded, no.

Soto longed for the negotiations to end, believing that the rumors would also end with that, but no.

Turns out now the questions are about if you will sign extension with his current team. The boy, has not yet been able to know the city, he’s not even a week old with the new team.

It seems that the Dominican he feels comfortable in his new housea. But it has just been exchanged and it’s not time to be thinking about your contractual status.

As the case is resolved

To San Diego it has not been cheap. It should be noted that what Soto will receive this year from the Padres’ checkbook is for a campaign portion.

The Padres pay Soto alone less than eight million dollars so there is no season.

the dominican He was signed by the Nationals for 17 million 100 thousand for the entire campaign. San Diego will have to pay $8 million the rest of the way through this year’s regular season.

The new pending subject Scott Borasis to negotiate with the people of San Diego, they will have to discuss whether or not they sign him for 500 million for a decade.

Parents sure they will be in a position to make a good bidas they loaned to the Nationals for Soto at first base Luke Voit, shortstop CJ Abrams, outfielders James Wood and Robert Hassell, pitchers MacKenzie Gore and Jarlin Susana.

Will Juan Soto stay beyond what his current contract dictates?

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For his part, Soto limits himself to offering a great show with the tree and the camaraderie with his companions since “just arrived”; as he responded when asked at the presentation press conference with the San Diego Padres about whether looks at the team beyond of the time that your current contract says.

Soto is eligible for arbitration in 2023with the 2025 as the earliest date I could have proof of what it’s like to be free agent.

Soto was lucky to come to a team that with his arrival can clearly compete and aspire to win it all. Winning is a wish that Soto had expressed in the past. San Diego with his movements has shown that he wants to win already. It was part of the narrative that emerged against the Dominican from stay in washingtonthat Nacionales didn’t seem to even have and plan on your course.

Parents they should take advantage all the talent they have put on the fielddrawing a comparison to the lineup of their archrivals, the Dodgers who own their own core of superstars

Juan Soto has been joined by the talent of his compatriots, Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr.with whom Soto has a special friendship.

“We have a great relationship, before we were teammates. We always talk, we always wish each other the best, it has been a great relationship and now it will grow, it will be much better, it will be like family. It’s an exciting time to be with him and with Manny (Machado), Mazara and all of them. Great moments and great energy.”

There is much in favor of a stay in San Diego. And it is understood that with all the effort made by the teamthat the Parents are in the best disposition to keep their services.

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Yesterday, Friday, the Parents began the war with the dodgersmeasuring strength with Los Angeles and they got their first setback.

The Dodgers came out victorious, with everything and as Soto expressed, San Diego is a headache for pitchers let them face them; they were not yesterday for him los angeles pitch that limited them to one run, in a game in which they led San Diego by 7.

8 to 1 was the result of the friday august 5in the defeat of Padres vs Dodgers, in which both Soto and Machado went 1-3.



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