“The chemistry was undeniable”: Miley Cyrus recalls how she fell in love with Liam Hemsworth

“The chemistry was undeniable”: Miley Cyrus recalls how she fell in love with Liam Hemsworth

Following her latest song, Miley Cyrus reviewed her career and her sentimental life where he mentioned his 10 year relationship con Liam Hemsworth.

On his official channel TikTokMiley Cyrus has shared several details of her life in Used to be young, and it has to do with the release of his latest hit. However, in the recent chapter, the singer returned to the year 2008 and remembered how it was that met and fell in love de Liam Hemsworth.

At that time, the ex-girl Disney was preparing for the recordings of the movie The last songa tape in which she was a problematic young woman who went to live with her father in a southern town without thinking that she would find love there.

Although Miley Cyrus and the team already had everything prepared, they still had to find the actor who would become the love interest of the protagonist. Being the actress in the best moment of her career, thousands of applicants auditioned for her role.

“In 2008, I needed to do another feature film for Disney and I didn’t want it to be a Hannah Montana part. Once we wrote the script, it was time to audition all the guys who would play Will, my boyfriend in the movie. We had narrowed it down from thousands to the final three, and Liam was part of those final three,” he said in Used to be young.

That was how Liam Hemsworth surpassed the other two actors and had unmatched chemistry with Miley Cyrus, so much so that their love crossed the screens.

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“I think one of the elements that made that movie feel so special was seeing two people very young to fall in love from each other, what was happening in real time and in real life, so the chemistry was undeniable. That was the beginning of a 10-year long relationship,” she maintained.

The last song It hit theaters in 2010 and it was the year in which Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth began a romance that, six years later, announced their engagement. However, the following year they separated.

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Miley Cyrus talking about her and Liam Hemsworth in the movie

Miley Cyrus talking about her and Liam Hemsworth in the movie “The Last Song”. | Source: tiktok
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met in 2008 on the set of 'The Last Song'.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met in 2008 on the set of ‘The Last Song’.Source: Disney

Miley Cyrus explains why she divorced Liam Hemsworth

It’s been a little over two years since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ended their marriage amid speculation that they were estranged. After the release of Plastic Heartsa record that she worked on after the fire at her house, the American singer revealed the reason for making the decision to seal her vows and then divorce after six months.

In an interview with theShow de Howard SternCyrus reviewed her long relationship with the Hollywood actor since they acted in a movie and the event that ended up convincing her that they should consider being together forever: the fire at their residence in Malibu, United States.

“We were together since we were 16. Our house burned down. We had been kind of engaged, I don’t know if we really thought we were going to get married, but when we lost our house in Malibu… If you listen to my voice before and after the fire, they are very different, so the trauma really affected my voice, “he confessed. “I was in South Africa so I couldn’t go home, and my animals were tied to a post on the beach. I lost everything”.

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“You’re drawn to that heat and me being an intense person and not wanting to stay with that feeling him, and not wanting to leave, you know, ‘What could have a purpose in this?’ I just clung to what was left of that house, which was him and me. And I really love him and very, very, very much and still do, always will,” he revealed.

Regarding her divorce after six months of engagement, the protagonist of Hannah Montana He assured that the problems arose in the middle of this romance that seemed to never end. “There was too much conflict. When I get home, I want someone to anchor me. I don’t get carried away by drama or fights, ”she recounted at the time.

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