The cheapest refrigerator in Egypt, with prices starting at 435 pounds.. What is the story and from where?

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Monday 30 May 2022

The refrigerator is indispensable during the summer and heat, as it is an essential part of any kitchen, and it’s hard to imagine living without it.

But what can we do if financial means are limited, and I cannot buy a refrigerator for thousands of pounds?

There is nothing wrong here. In the report, we have collected for you the cheapest prices of refrigerators, whose price you may not believe, but indeed, as I read in the title, their prices are cheap, starting at 435 pounds.. So what is the story and where do we buy them?

First, let me tell you that we have collected some refrigerators on “may al-Aid.” Of course, they will be small, but they will fulfill the purpose, which is to preserve foods and drinks from high weather temperatures and from spoiling them, as well as cooling water and drinks that moisturize the body during the summer, and also will not consume a lot of energy and thus provide in the electric bill.

All you need now is to make the best use of the refrigerator, especially with its small size, know the correct arrangement of foods and avoid mistakes that may make it work harder to keep its contents cool, and also to make optimal use of space.

The refrigerator is divided into several places, each of which is designated for a specific type of food. There are areas of very cold, medium cold and less.

First: The refrigerator door is placed in it light canned foods such as mayonnaise, ketchup, juice bottles and water, and it is considered the hottest place in the refrigerator, because it is exposed to a lot of air due to opening it often.

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As for the first shelf, it has a constant temperature, and it is possible to store foods that are not exposed to heat later when eaten, such as yogurt or cheese, while the second shelf we put “flat” or ready-made foods in it.

The second shelf is dedicated to placing vegetables and fruits, but it is necessary to separate them, and from the common mistakes that many housewives make is placing bread on top of the refrigerator, so as not to cause it to spoil quickly, as well as leaving frozen meat outside the refrigerator in order to thaw.

The most important feature of the small-sized refrigerator that we are reviewing, and we know with you where to buy it, is that it can be carried anywhere, whether at home, in the work office, or even on a special summer trip.

The refrigerator, whose prices start at 435 pounds, can be purchased from Amazon, which provides some products at the best prices, and perhaps a small dual-use refrigerator with a cooling and heating function and a capacity of 4 liters at this price.

You can also buy a portable and small car refrigerator with a capacity of 7.5 liters multifunctional for use while traveling or at home, a dual-position car refrigerator that can be controlled for cooling and heating, at a price of 435 pounds

It may seem that the refrigerator is only for the car or for travel, but it can also be used at home, and it is characterized by its thick inner walls, which makes it safe, hygienic and odorless, and allows you to use it freely.
There are three places at the top of this refrigerator for placing cups or drinks, making it convenient and convenient to use.
It comes with an elastic strap for easy carrying. The strap is removable to easily meet all your needs.

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In order for the refrigerator to perform its role to the fullest, its temperature should not be less than 4 degrees Celsius, and taking into account that food is not crowded inside the refrigerator; Because this prevents the distribution of cold and leads to an imbalance in the cooling.

Also among the refrigerators that you can rely on, whether for the car or for travel and also for the home, this dual-use refrigerator has a cooling and heating function and a capacity of 4 liters, and it comes with a convenient and safe package.

It can be operated at home via a power cable, and it comes at a price of 474 pounds.

Also, you should avoid placing hot leftovers in the refrigerator until they have cooled down; Because placing it hot gives a greater opportunity for bacteria to grow, as well as separating vegetables and fruits and their different types when placing them in the refrigerator so that they do not interact together and spoil, in order to help your refrigerator during the hot months to work effectively and efficiently.
Among the options that can be settled in this price category, a small car refrigerator with a capacity of 4 liters, a portable freezer, a cooler and a refrigerator for camping, travel and also for the home, at a price of 539 pounds.
It is not charged, but operates directly on the car’s electricity, and is also cooling and conservative, not freezing, as the cooling temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius.

One of the things that must be taken into account with the refrigerator is the quantities of food that are stored should not exceed a week so as not to be spoiled, there are some foods when placed in the refrigerator, certain steps must be taken to preserve their life for a longer period, including lemon when storing it must be wrapped in separate paper and placed in fridge drawers or in the fridge door.

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Choose this mini refrigerator, which comes at a price of 458 pounds, and one of its advantages is that it is environmentally friendly: adopts a new method of electronic chip cooling, no need to refill ice packs, does not leave a watery mess, environmentally friendly. Ultra-quiet and energy-saving.

Cooling heating box: It integrates the function of cooling and heating. This large capacity storage container can keep warm, warm or cold and cool food and drink. The temperature range is from 7 to 60 ° C.

Car use refrigerator: DC power cord is included for car use. Use it perfectly to store food, drinks, beer, snacks, breast milk, skin care products and more. Suitable for outdoor activities, travelling, camping, etc.

4L Storage Space: It can store about 6 cans of beer (310ml/each) or 4 bottles of mineral water (380ml/each). Removable mesh dividers create two spaces, easier to organize and store.

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Interior measures 13.3″L x 13.3″D x 19.8″H. With a portable handle, it can be carried anywhere. Detachable storage basket designed to store face mask and more.

Is this refrigerator suitable for use at home?

According to what was stated in the questions and answers of users on “Amazon”, for a large proportion it is suitable for use at home, but you will need a transponder and change the wire plug.



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