Grand Theft Auto continues to launch the latest additions and improvements to the playing environment, in order to add more excitement and suspense to the most famous electronic game on different platforms, especially in action and force games and shooting adventures, with significant changes to sound and light effects, tools, tasks and items, especially in the process of Amazing car theft gangs, as well as revealing the most prominent places from which to get diamonds and game gifts.

Grand Theft Auto Events

In the beginning, it is necessary to know the nature of playing the game Grand Theft Auto, whose fictional events take place in one of the American states, which revolves around the presence of 3 characters roaming the city, and then they unite in order to carry out some strong crimes, such as robbery of banks and major stores to steal money And jewels, and here begins the multiplayer phase of the game that accommodates more than 16 players, and then they enter into confrontations with the police who come to the place immediately, and a stage of hit and run begins, but they can escape, and then go to steal cars.

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The chance to get diamonds for the game Grand Theft Auto 5 and their locations

How to play and exploration stages

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Playing begins quickly in the atmosphere of strong competition and guerrilla warfare with the security services, after extensive robbery, robbery and looting, and many places appear in front of you to escape away from the eyes of the police, such as beaches, mountains and prairies, while the 3 most famous characters appear within the playing environment, and they are (Michael and Trevor and Franklin), and they are the most dangerous to the city for the citizens and the security services, and the player can switch between these characters to work together to accomplish the desired, with the possibility of providing weapons and tools that help in the confrontation.

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How to get diamonds

It is difficult to get diamonds for the game that helps players to reach goals, charge weapons, and get tools and items, but they can be obtained by going to the casino, and then searching for the treasury located inside one of the rooms, as it contains large amounts of diamonds. and gold that can be obtained and escape.

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