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The cause of the death of the actor Seinfeld revealed

Actor Charles Seinfeld, Charles Levin, has died as a result of an accidental fall, a report said Sunday – four months after the terrible discovery of his body, chosen in a remote neighborhood of vultures, in a region remote Oregon.

Suicide and unfair play were excluded as new details emerged after the discovery of the 70-year-old actor, found dead on July 8, USA Today reported.

Levin was driving his orange Fiat when he was apparently lost and stranded near Cave Junction, the report said, adding that the vehicle had finally been discovered about six kilometers from an asphalt road .

The abandoned Fiat – which contained the remains of her pug, Boo-Boo Bear – was blocked, although there is evidence of attempts to release the car, authorities said.

Police found Levin's body deep in a ravine, where they thought he had fallen for help. He was naked without "external genitals present" and had been partially consumed by the vultures.

The authorities should have used a rope and pulley system to recover the remains.

Levin, who was passing from one part of the state to another, would have lost himself by going to his new home and accidentally succumbed to the elements after being unable to find his way home. .

The area discovered by Levin is known for its difficult terrain to drive, little or no reported and where the GPS does not work, the Daily mail reported.

The authorities believe that Levin was trying to return home by secondary roads when he was returned to a notoriously difficult terrain. Her car was damaged because she was found with a broken mirror and bumps that seemed to come from the collision with trees. Authorities believe that Levin left his car to try to get help when he fell on the slope and died. His death would have been described as an accident.

"There were signs of trapping animals probably in the form of turkey vultures, as there was evidence of stool birds on and around the body," the report said.

Levin – who played the mohel in 1993 Seinfeld the episode "The Bris" – was best known for representing Elliot Novak in the sitcom Alice



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