The case of the Barcelona twins: for a coexistence in diversity

The case of the Barcelona twins: for a coexistence in diversity

“Barcelona: one of the classmates of the Argentine twins recounted that they were harassed, surrounded, hit and said things to them.” “The shocking letter from the Argentine twins who fell from a third floor in Barcelona”. “From Mar del Plata to Barcelona: the tragic story of the twins and what the cards said”. The barrage of news passes through us and often leaves us speechless. Umberto Eco spoke at the time that the excess of information obstructs, censors and I believe that it is true, it is so, because there is no concrete information about what really happened. But a few issues were mentioned: there was talk of bullying, harassment, non-acceptance of gender identity in one of the twins and also the uprooting of a family forced to emigrate to another country, to another culture.

Is there a common thread in this story? Could we formulate a cold and objective hypothesis about such a terrible and stark fact? Perhaps we have no other choice, overcome the impact.

They denounce that the twins who fell from a building in Barcelona suffered bullying

They denounce that the twins who fell from a building in Barcelona suffered bullying

Teenagers pay homage at the altar erected in front of the building.

“I’m tired of being bullied,” wrote the dead twin in Barcelona

There is talk of a family that emigrates to another country, to another culture, there is talk of harassment and bullying, also of a possible gender issue in one of the girls, but there is no talk of the problems of coexistence in diversity, of coexistence between young people in a school institution that should take care of them and keep themand how an extreme situation of non-acceptance of a person’s identity in a group can lead a young woman to want to solve her pain by taking her own life, as if there was no other solution and no one could help.

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• What is coexistence? If we take a definition it could be “cohesion, perception of belonging to a group, to a common project or situation, tolerance, respect for others when their ideas or practices are different from our own”.

  • What is bullying? A possible definition: any behavior in which a person or group of people invades the privacy, harasses or persecutes another who is the focus of attention. That is, when we talk about harassment, we talk about mistreatment. In particular, in the school environment the term bullying tends to be used, although they do not work as synonyms, since harassment can arise without being bullying.

• What is bullying? It is sustained harassment over time, that is, it can be exerted on a person for short or long periods, sometimes for years if it is installed.

  • What is gender identity? The internal and individual experience of gender as perceived and felt, in a profound way, which may or may not correspond to the sex assigned at birth.

  • What is abuse? When we talk about harassment or bullying, what appears as a substrate is mistreatment. We define it as a form of damage, which would be defined as a deterioration that is installed in self-esteem and personal dignity due to the actions of another person or a group.

With these elements, what could we think? We could imagine an adolescent in the process of establishing her identity, looking for a group in which to reflect, to establish herself. A fraternity in fact, which was never installed. What’s more, being allegedly the object of harassment and mistreatment, feeling the rejection of that group with a different, hostile culture, and which took identity characteristics as an element of mistreatment, such as the accent, but also the question of their gender identity. . Psychology and medicine have known for a long time that being transgender is not a requirement to be the object of attention, but the question of family and social effects on the person is, because that is the source of the conflict for the transgender person. We talk about the discrimination they suffer. The effects of these combined factors can be very serious if we put ourselves in the shoes of someone in that situation and age for a minute.

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