The canton police in St. Gallen is desperately looking for specialists"/>1/6

This year, the canton police in St. Gallen 20 notifications received. Considerably more than in previous years.

There is a desperate search for police officers in St. The posts in Goldach, Wittenbach, Oberriet and Walenstadt are currently closed due to lack of staff, as “FM1” writes. By the deadline of August 10, 2022, the cantonal police in St. Gallen reported twice as many departures as in a normal year – 30 in number. 20 of them are redundancies. What is happening?

The commander, Bruno Zanga, made it clear in an interview with TVO: “Most of them are simply fed up with this job and want to change something in their lives.” The staff walk on the gums. “The burdens were probably just too big.” The canton police in St. Gallen accepts that their employees will work an entire week too much this year. But Zanga emphasizes: “The employer is not the problem.”



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