The Calvary of Campi in the middle of Route 2: “I’m still waiting with my children”

The humorist Campo was on his way to the Atlantic coast on Route 2 when he had a mishap with his car. For that reason he had to call the tow truck to take it away and repair it, but it took much longer than he expected. He decided to share the whole moment through his official Instagram account.

“More than 13 hours waiting since 4.30 pm for the tow truck from the insurance company to come. 5:00 the other day he came for me. Highly recommended insurance company ”, he explained Fields in their stories. To portray everything that happened, he uploaded different images of the things that happened, in addition to adding a small descriptive text.

The hell of Campi in the middle of Route 2: “I’m still waiting with my children”

The average wait is two hours, but in the case of the comedian it was much more. “9:00 pm and nobody comes. The car, and I continue with my children waiting ”, complemented the actor and former member of Showmatch. By that time he had already been waiting five hours, without knowing that he would be much longer in that place for his vehicle to be taken and repaired.

“I’m still waiting. I became friends with Martín and Pancho, the insurer makes me wait with little music “, he considered Fields in another of the nearly six stories he posted about it. In it, he can be seen sitting at the entrance of a service station, while chatting for a while with two of the local beachgoers. It is seen that after so much waiting he ended up establishing a bond with the employees.

There were exactly thirteen hours of waiting, according to the comedian himself on his social networks. “5:00 AM the crane appeared,” he explained and added a photo of himself in the foreground with a gesture of total disapproval for all that he had to live in the middle of Route 2. A true ordeal.

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