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The calculator predicts the effects of the collision of the Earth with a black hole

Physicist created a funny calculator., calculating the consequences of a collision of planets with a black hole.

Physicist Alvardo Diez developed an unusual online calculator. He calculates how much the Earth will suffer from a collision with a real black hole. Using it, you can calculate how much energy is released as a result of the collision and how much the black hole itself will expand. Of course, this is not only about the Earth – you can enter the parameters of any cosmic body.

So what happens if we are “lucky" to meet a nightmarish funnel devouring whole stars? Based on the calculations of the system, a black hole that absorbs the Earth will release energy, approximately 55 quintillion times higher than the annual consumption of this same energy on the entire planet. But even this colossal event will hardly mean anything for the hole itself Рits event horizon will increase by only one hundredth of a trillionth of a percent!

The main drawback of this calculator, perhaps, is that the image of the black hole absorbing our planet does not change in any way – even if you put absolutely absurd numbers on the line.



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