The Cádiz-Getafe minutes: Ledesma is exposed to a sanction of up to twelve games

The Cádiz-Getafe minutes: Ledesma is exposed to a sanction of up to twelve games


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El Cdiz-Getafe ended very hotly, with the handball penalty committed by the Pacha Espino after ten minutes of addition and scored by Enes nal at minute 106, after reviewing hernndez hernndez in the VAR. That end of the game left the Cadista squad very pissed off, with Sergio González attacking the referees after the end of the match. In addition, Behind I attacked Juan Iglesias from behind when the Getafe full-back was celebrating the draw, an action for which the Cádiz footballer saw a direct red card and for which he got into a brawl on the pitch, before all the protagonists left the pitch.

And then, as could be predicted, He continued it into the changing room tunnel.. There were no longer cameras, but we do have the referee’s version through the match report. Some words that can suppose a serious sanction to Conan Ledesmadepending on how the Committee interprets it. In the most serious case, it is exposed to a sanction of four to twelve games, according to article 145.3 of the disciplinary code of the RFEF.

This is what Hernández Hernández points out in the minutes about the Cádiz goalkeeper: Other incidents: (Player: Jeremias Conan Ledesma ) When we were in the changing room tunnel, being detained without being able to access it, the local player Jeremias Conan Ledesma I pushed a teammate who was glued to my back with the aim of making him hit me, getting it.

Ledesma is not the only member of Cádiz indicated in the minutes. Hernández Hernández also includes other incidents that have to do with Lolo Bocardothe goalkeeper coach, and with Diego Ribera, second coach. Hernández Hernández explains himself like this:

  • In the 90th minute, coach Bocardo Vidal, Manuel was sent off for the following reason: Once the game was over and when all the members of the party were on the pitch, he ran towards me shouting loudly on several occasions: “This is a shame”. once expelled He had to be held by the local team manager as he was coming at me aggressively.. After this he joined his wrists making the gesture of being handcuffed.
  • Other incidents: (Coach: Diego Ribera Ramirez) When we left the pitch and were standing on the access stairs due to the impossibility of reaching the referee’s changing room due to the number of people present, the coach Diego Ribera Ramírez pushed both assistant referee number 2 and am.
  • Other incidents: (Coach: Manuel Bocardo Vidal) While in the changing room tunnel, the local goalkeeping coach Manuel Bocardo Vidal, who had previously been expelled, addressed the refereeing team in the following terms: “Sons of bitches!”.

Sport Cala, also in garlic

In the section ‘other observations or extensions to the previous ones’, Hernández Hernández also states that Juan Cala held his arm “strongly and persistently” and that the presence of the president, Manuel Vizcano, and the delegate, Salvador Chirino, was necessary for the refereeing team to reach their booth.

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Other incidents: When we were in the changing room tunnel, a person identified as Juan Torres Ruiz held my arm strongly and persistently, having to make a sudden movement to free me. Once all the events described in the previous sections had taken place, thanks to the help of the local team President D. Manuel Vizcano Fernández together with the team delegate Salvador Chirino Rivera, who managed to get the team and coaching staff into their locker room, being able to so we access ours.Hernández Hernández wrote.

In addition to all of the above, the referee also reflected in the record the throwing of a lighter during the match and of plastic bottles at the end: In the 73rd minute of the game, a lighter was thrown from the stands without hitting anyone. Due to this incident, the protocol established for the launching of objects is applied, having to wait for the corresponding announcement to be made through the public address system. In addition, coinciding with the end of the game, plastic bottles were thrown from the stands located behind the goal where the visiting team players were.

Sport The sanction that can fall to Ledesma

The sanction to Ledesma will depend on which article the sanctioning body takes into account. Article 145.3 states that from four to twelve matches will be punished. “Threaten, coerce or carry out vexatious acts of word or deed, seriously or repeatedly insult or offend any member of the arbitration team, federative organization, team members, or spectator”.

In the event that they opted for article 145.2, the sanction would be up to three matches.

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