The broadcast of 11 January: Calculated the cabinet plans // Ploumen, Omtzigt and Eerdmans as guests // The power of children’s literature

Ploumen, Omtzigt and Eerdmans about plans for a new cabinet

The new cabinet wants to spend billions in the coming years on climate, nitrogen, defense and teachers’ salaries. Childcare will be virtually free for workers and hundreds of thousands of homes will have to be built. But according to the calculation of the plans by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), the government plans lead to a deterioration of public finances and significantly increase the financial burden for future generations.

What does the opposition think? Being a guest PvdA leader Lilianne Ploumen, Member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt and JA21 leader Joost Eerdmans. Economist Mathijs Bouman and political reporter Arjan Noorlander provide the economic and political interpretation.

The opposition about the start of the new cabinet

Imme Dros and Harrie Geelen about the power of children’s literature

Tonight part 1 in a series about six internationally leading children’s book authors between 83-93 years. The authors have been showered with awards, translated in many countries and three generations of children grew up with their classics. Pension does not exist for them. What does writing mean in 2022 for Imme Dros and Harrie Geelen?

Writing couple Imme Dros and Harrie Geelen


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