From this September 15 in the morning, the 8 series still in the running for the 2021 World Cup series will be only 4! Indeed, Lucifer, The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, Elite season 4, Lupine, Ginny & Georgia, Outer Banks season 2, The Good Doctor season 4 and The Flash saison 7 are trying to qualify for the semi-finals! As a reminder, you can (and must!) Vote every day for your favorite show (s) by clicking HERE or by participating on Melty’s discover snapchat. As you know, in the end, there will only be one left … So, among the remaining games, which series are currently in great danger? On match A, Lucifer season 5 confronts The Bridgertons Chronicle ; but do you really know these two series? Maybe a little quiz will help you see more clearly! Elite season 4 tries to overtake Lupin on match B, while duel C sees Ginny & Georgia in competition. Finally, the match D opposes The Good Doctor saison 4 and The Flash 7. Who is at risk of being eliminated? Our predictions!

2021 World Cup Series – Credit (s): meltygroup

On match A, we unfortunately think that The Bridgertons Chronicle will not pass the semi-finals! And for good reason, the series on the beautiful love story between Simon and Daphne is faced with Lucifer, the series that ended up in the final against The Money Heist during the 2020 World Cup Series competition. In addition, the devilish show presented its final season this year, which will strengthen the fans’ attachment to Lucifer. If you want to try to save The Bridgertons ChronicleThis is not, however, impossible either. We must continue to vote, vote, vote! Match B is definitely Elite season 4 which is the series most in danger facing Lupin, even if the duel is very, very close. And for good reason, fans of the Spanish series have been loyal for many years, but they were rightly disappointed by this new season. Lupin brings back novelty and freshness, but also an unusual plot carried by Omar Sy. So if you really want to see Elite season 4 advance in the competition, now is the time to go!

Outer Banks
Outer Banks — Crédit(s) : Netflix

Now let’s move on to match C, opponent Ginny & Georgia and Outer Banks saison 2. If the two teen shows available on Netflix stand a chance of winning, we think the hottest show right now is Ginny & Georgia ! And for good reason, its “buzz” effect lasted less time than that of its competitor, and the streaming platform has already presented us with two seasons ofOuter Banks, synonymous with a certain interest on the part of the fans. Finally, the D match sees The Good Doctor saison 4 vs The Flash saison 7 in competition, and there, our little Barry Allen is running straight for defeat! Indeed, this new burst of episodes has run out of steam while the medical series is still so intense and captivating. Of course, as long as the big day has not arrived, nothing has yet been done!

It’s now or never ! If you want to see your favorite series bring the cup home, support it by voting for the Series World Cup.

It’s now or never ! If you want to see your favorite series bring the cup home, support it by voting for the Series World Cup.

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