The Brazilian model had consumed alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, MDMA and ketamine

The Brazilian model had consumed alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, MDMA and ketamine

A toxicological study revealed this Tuesday that the Brazilian model Emmily Rodrigues consumed alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and synthetic drugs before falling out of a window on the sixth floor of a building in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, last March, a fact for which the agricultural businessman Francisco Sáenz Valiente, according to judicial sources.

This is a report from the Laboratory of Toxicology and Legal Chemistry of the Forensic Medical Corps that was received by the investigating judge Martín Del Viso and the prosecutors Santiago Vismara and Mariela Labozzetta, which was considered by the lawyers representing the parents of the Brazilian model that “confirm the first hypothesis, that is, that there was a supply of narcotics” by the owner of the apartment.

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Emmily had “one gram of alcohol in her blood and traces of methylecgonine (cocaine metabolite)”, while the bile analysis found cocaine and ketamine.

According to the conclusions of the study, a concentration of cocaine, MDMA (component of the drug called tuci, the abbreviated form of calling Tucibi – from the English pronunciation of the acronym 2C-B – was found in the urine, which is the misnamed “pink cocaine”), ketamine and marijuana, while traces of cocaine were found in the nostrils.

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Both the businessman Sáenz Valiente and the women who were in the apartment had admitted in the file that they had consumed alcohol and drugs that night.

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Meanwhile, the swabs from Emmily’s body were negative for the presence of seminal fluid, which coincides with what was stated in the investigation by the defendant, who assured that he did not have sexual relations with the victim that night or that there had been a party. sexual.

However, during a raid carried out in the apartment, police detectives seized used condoms that are being analyzed in laboratories.

Ignacio Trimarco, the lawyer representing the victim’s parents in the file, assured that these studies “confirm the first fiscal hypothesis, that is, that there was a supply of narcotics.”

“Nobody said that Emmily had all these drugs except for a marijuana cigarette. The rest of the drugs were served,” said the lawyer, who also pointed directly against the agricultural businessman: “This confirms that (Francisco) Sáenz Valiente consumes almost nothing of what he gives Emmily and the rest to consume of the girls, since their toxicology gives only cocaine”.

“The supply of drugs to us has been proven and the death outcome is what is being investigated,” said the lawyer, who maintained that “these crimes take place indoors and there are a lot of elements that corroborate that this was not a suicide.”

Trimarco also recalled that the results of “experiences on vessels, seized syringes and other evidence” still remain to be known.

An apparent psychotic break

The event occurred on March 30, after Emmily went to dinner with a group of friends at a restaurant in Costanera Norte and, later, at a bar in Palermo.

The Brazilian model arrived at 3:21 in the morning at Sáenz Valiente’s apartment, on the sixth floor of Libertad 1542, in the Retiro neighborhood, driving the Jeep Compass truck that her boyfriend had lent her.

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According to the building’s security cameras, she and her friends Juliana Magalhães Mourão and Dafne Gutiérrez Santana went up to Sáenz Valiente’s apartment, where a fourth woman was already there, Lía Figueroa Alves, a friend of the accused.

According to the investigators, after an early morning of excesses with the intake of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and tuci, Rodrigues suffered an apparent psychotic break and at 9.18 he ended up falling naked through a window into the inner courtyard of the building’s block lung, when in the Only Sáenz Valiente and Magalhães Mourão were present in the department, in a death that the Justice is trying to determine if it was a femicide or a suicide in the context of some type of drug intake.

Although additional expertise is awaited, the autopsy concluded that death was the result of “polytrauma” and “internal and external bleeding” compatible with the fall from the sixth floor and ruled out defensive injuries prior to the fall or signs of a sexual assault.

Sáenz Valiente spent 20 days in prison in the 4 Bis Annex of the Buenos Aires City Police, in the Barracas neighborhood, until last April 18 when the Criminal and Correctional Judge 31, Martín Del Viso, released him for lack of merit, judicial decision that was appealed by the complaint and the prosecution.

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