The black hole of Sagittarius A*, the possible ‘historic announcement’ of astronomers on May 12

The date is marked on the calendar of every self-respecting scientist and all astronomy fans. And it is that the scientists of the EHT, Event Horizon Telescope, from Chile, at the European Southern Observatorywill realize a great discovery.

In facthave been trying for years to create a ‘virtual telescope’ the size of the Earth, something that has been achieved by combining the capabilities of eight telescopes spread over the entire surface of the planet.

Looking for Sagittarius A*

Sagittarius A* is the huge super massive black hole that occupies its center and that has a mass equivalent to that of four million suns. And if the telescopes are located to look for that unique black hole, there are press conferences around the world at the same time to talk about the finding.

Everything seems to indicate that they have succeeded and that will mark May 12 in the history of Astronomy. It is said that after this black hole there is nothing, that it is like a ‘border’ that, once crossed, does not allow anything, not even light, to come out again.

In 2019, an image of the outline (the event horizon) of the gigantic black hole that resides in the center of the Earth was seen. galaxy M87, 55 million light years from the. Surrounding the hole is an orange ring of material captured by the space ‘monster’, which, before falling, spins very rapidly around it, so fast that it begins to glow brightly.

couldn’t see then because Sagittarius A* is surrounded by a dense cloud of dust and gas that makes any observation difficult. On the 12th, it will be possible to see the image of the central black hole of the Milky Way, with its bright accretion disk rotating around it.



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