The bitter truth about William

William ‘very unhappy’

Because William himself was not informed for a long time about the environment in which he actually grew up. Author Andrew Morton said in his book “William and Catherine – Their Life, Their Marriage“, Princess Diana avoided itto tell William that one day he would be king because she wanted him to have a normal childhood. For her eldest son that has become a problemwhen he got to school.

His innocent view of his status ended when other students left him in no doubt as to who he was“, writes Andrew Morton. William is

been very unhappy at how suddenly he was thrown into the whole thing surrounding his destiny as a royal,

is it[calledAndthat’sexactlywhatWilliamandKatewantedtosparetheireldestDoesGeorgehimselfknowhowmuch?his father suffered from the pressure throughout his childhood has that brought him the role as number two in line to the throne?

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