Molecular biology specialist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Skoltech Professor Konstantin Severinov, in an interview with MK, explained how four coronavirus mutations appeared in two years.

So, the biologist recalled that new variants of influenza appear every year, so the vaccine for this disease is modified every year. At the same time, COVID-19, according to the expert, generally mutates less than the influenza virus.

“Nevertheless, in a pandemic, when it is rapidly spreading through the population, there is a natural process of selection of new adapted, more infectious options,” Severinov said, noting that the emergence of new options “is not a conspiracy, but a natural process.”

Earlier on July 30, it became known that two more strains of coronavirus infection were found in Russia. They turned out to be Thai and Peruvian strains. According to German Shipulin, Deputy Director General for Research and Production Activities of the FMBA of Russia, the main research efforts are directed at the Indian strain, however, the newly-minted Peruvian and Thai are still being watched.

Over the past day, 21,042 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in Russia. The total number of infections was 5,514,599. Most infections were detected in Moscow (5823 cases), the Moscow region (2583 cases) and St. Petersburg (1503 cases).