Black Friday is an opportunity for large resellers to attract consumers. But Carrefour, which was inspired by Asian merchants to organize its own live “tele-shopping”, has failed.

PS5 Carrefour – Black Friday: PS5 announced, finally untraceable

It all started several days back, in mid-November. Carrefour announces a live tele-shopping with important guests: Doigby, Kev Adams, the straemeuse Deujna or the actress and former Miss France Valérie Bègue. The goal is simple: to host a 2-3 hour program around video games, anecdotes or “talk-show” moments, while announcing at regular intervals the opening of sales on a particular product.

Everyone attended for a reason, to come first on sales of the PS5, supposedly numerous since stocks seem to be getting richer in recent weeks. But after almost 3 hours of live, no console was finally sold and the pages of the Carrefour site displayed a queue of at least 60 minutes. Far from what was promised by resellers for this Black Friday!

The site quickly bowed to demand Carrefour – Screenshot

Community site Dealabs points people but Carrefour crashes

If the live was ultimately just a pretext to teaser Playstation sales, players were ultimately disappointed. From the start of the show and while this was not the case for the other products, PS5 sales pages open… but none are in stock yet.

  • Some customers manage to access it, and sometimes click on products (the site was already overheated). But at the time of the shopping cart: the payment page crashes for everyone.

After long minutes, it’s already too late: all stocks (estimated by some to less than 300 consoles) are reserved, even though the lucky ones are not always aware! Carrefour cannot cope with the thousands of questions and the teleshopping hosts, literally bombarded with questions about the PS5, only stick to scheduled sales.

Carrefour “in PLS”, the live viewers go wild

Since November 22, therefore, when this disastrous live was organized, opinions are critical. On Twitter, several spectators have this teleshopping through their throats and express their dissatisfaction:

  • 3 hours of live stupid to finally hear that you had to arrive first even before the launch of the live if you wanted a PS5, never seen before
  • BRAVO to Carrefour which loses 40,000 customers for this Black Friday and its moldy POs
  • I was kicked from live then blocked because I refreshed the page too much, while it says refresh if it bugs too much

In short, opinions that sink Carrefour. Despite this, a few buyers have found a Playstation. The packs sold were however more expensive, 649 euros approximately, and included a charging dock and an additional game. Ideal for selling off stocks of unsold peripherals!

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