“The big celebrity penance”: That’s why ProSieben throws Helena

In the second episode of “The Big Celebrity Penance”, ProSieben decides to throw Helena Fürst out of the show.

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Already in episode 1 of “The Great Celebrity Penance” teased and provoked Helena Fürst (48) non-stop. Anyone who thinks that the ex-TV lawyer will suddenly feel remorse in the second episode is wrong. In the middle of the night she screams through the barn where the penitents are trying to sleep: “At night there’s a challenge with Helena” and “You can all fuck me, crosswise, honestly!”


After the show: Helena Fürst calculates with “The Big Celebrity Penance” candidates!

“The big celebrity penance” has started, among the… Read more “

comrade-in-arms Elena Miras then says in an interview about the princess: “I don’t think she’s a bad person, she just lacks insight.” Also Matthias Mangiapane is certain: “Everyone knows why they are here, except them.”

Helena Fürst threatens her fellow campaigners and flies out of the show

In the course of the episode, Helena continues to yell in a loud voice that her competitors will have a problem if they continue to eat their vegetarian food. After she finally threatens to take the “f***ing cans” and throw them away, production intervenes – and throws the rioter out without further ado.

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Relief in the camp after the princess has abdicated

A sleepless night lies behind the candidates. Nevertheless, the relief is visible to everyone. The relatively unknown ex-tennis player Daniel Koellerer says: “She was no longer wearable.” Everyone actually agrees on one thing: it was the right decision to take Helena out of the show.

Also interesting:

It is questionable how things will continue when the queen of provocations has to leave the show so early. Is there still enough potential for conflict or will everyone mutate into repentant sinners?

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