The big car brands are losing customer confidence, but there is one that is rising like foam

Where the rest of the companies are sinking, Tesla has doubled down on loyalty with its customers.

Within the market for premium car brands, the customer loyalty it is a crucial element. Firms like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or BMW are very dependent on the footprint they leave on their customers, and if they manage to retain, that person is guaranteed to choose the brand again when they renew their vehicle. However, things have changed a lot in recent years, and to no one’s surprise, blame for the pandemic. The coronavirus has directly affected production chains worldwide, and no matter how big the brand or how powerful the cars, against there is no escape.

The deadlines and long waiting lists, the shortage of material for parts and the low production of models are some of the factors thereby affecting the reputations of the major brands.

Luxury car

The luxury car sector is facing a real loyalty crisis. istock

Earlier this month the corporation S&P Global Mobility publish a report with many representative graphs of the present dissatisfaction of the people with the major brands in the automotive sector, especially with those that we can classify as “luxury”. The document compiles data from the first months of this year, and we can clearly see how all the big firms are taking a hit in consumer loyalty. all but one.

While all luxury brands are suffering, Tesla is growing like never before

Tesla was the only car brand that can hold your head up in this aspect. Not only has Elon Musk’s empire not lost its great reputation, it strengthened her a lot. 63% of current Tesla owners admit they would buy a Tesla model again, shooting Elon Musk’s firm to the top of the rankings. Tesla is the brand that generates the most trust, and not only within the luxury sector (main focus of the study), but it even managed to the brand with the most dedicated customers in the world during the month of May.

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Customer loyalty is a fairly abstract thing to measure, and It is difficult to know all the reasons why Tesla customers still bet on the brand. One of the clues could be that it is a signature associated with Elon Musk figure, which greatly personalizes the relationship the customer has with the brand. Elon Musk is a public figure, and to the person behind the empire that manufactures the cars can “put a face” convey security and trust for many people.

It is also a company that continues to take risks with unconventional designs and even flirt with the world of advanced robotics. These are factors that differentiate it from other luxury brands on the market, and add that extra exclusivity that its potential customers are looking for.

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