The best warrior items for Cartel Confusing Dinar

In Season 4, you can gear up via Fateful Raids and purchase weapons and trinkets from merchants in Oribos for Confusing Dinars of the Cartel. You get the special coin when you Fateful Raids entered and defeated a certain amount of Fateful bosses. Each week, a different Shadowlands raid (Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Dominion, or Mausoleum of the First) will be marked as Fateful and given an affix that raises the raid to Season 4 difficulty.

If you have defeated enough bosses, you get a coin and can buy an item of your choice. In the next Fateful Raid, there’s the next quest for which you have to do exactly the same thing, only this time you have to defeat more Fateful bosses. In total there are only three dinars to earn. We’ll show you which items the warrior prefers with his three ways of playing.

Dinar items for weapon warriors

Soul of an ancient warrior
We’ll anticipate it: You will find this item in all three warrior modes of play and is therefore the first item that you as a warrior procure for your dinar. The effect of the item is so strong that warriors in the mythical 259 version even used it in the Mausoleum of the First. As a reminder, this is a trinket from the second raid, Sanctum of Dominion, dropped by Sylvanas.

Soul of an Ancient Warrior is the absolute BiS trinket for warriors in WoW Shadowlands. Either defeat the Banshee in the Sanctum of Dominion itself, or purchase the trinket in Season 4 for Cartel’s Confusing Dinar.

Those: Blizzard

Soul of an Ancient Warrior has a default amount of Strength and stacks your haste for 20 seconds. Already in the 285 variant, each stack grants 45 haste, which stacks up five times to 225, which is about eight percent haste. Haste reduces the cooldown of important abilities like Mortal Strike and Skull Cleaver for the Arms Warrior, but most importantly reduces the time between auto-attacks, allowing you to build up more Rage and deal more damage accordingly.

Gavel of the First Judge
The weapon from the dungeon master from the Mausoleum of the First has a higher item level than other items and an additional damage effect by default. These two aspects make the hammer the best weapon in the game. And she looks cool too.
Hammer of the First Judge’s use effect spawns a soul fragment next to your target, which you target (not hit by Cleave attacks) and defeat. After that, you will receive one of five random buffs:

A strength proc and extra chance for AoE damage to targets in front of you, extra armor and arcane damage to targets around you, chance for a 3 second DoT effect that also heals you, chance for massive Frost damage on a target, and an absorption shield for you or a chance for a strong eight-second DoT on your target. In order not to have to click around in the character window, you write yourself a macro with the following content: /use 16. This activates the use effect of the item in your main hand and you can drag the macro into the action bar. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the weapon into the action bar and assign it to a button there.

The first seal
The first seal from the Mausoleum of the First is still a very powerful piece of jewelry. The Use effect has a long cooldown, but adds tremendous versatility, further boosting your burst phases with Colossus Smash/Warbreaker.

Dinar items for Fury warriors

Soul of an ancient warrior
As mentioned in the weapon spec, Ancient Warrior’s Soul is a strength trinket that also grants plenty of haste – a warrior spec’s dream. Even during the progression and the farm in the mausoleum, fury warriors were playing with the soul of an old warrior – the trinket is that good! It scales extremely well even at a low item level, since it comes from (co-)final boss Kel’thuzad, the item level is even higher compared to other pieces of jewelry and definitely a candidate for your first cartel coin.

Gavel of the First Judge
Of course, the Fury also uses the strongest weapon in the game. Higher item level than most other weapons and an additional damage effect are simply unbeatable. Unfortunately, you can’t equip the two-handed weapon twice as a Fury because it’s unique.

Those: Blizzard

Jaithy’s the prison blade
Instead of a second good piece of jewelry, you as Fury get yourself a big weapon. Trinkets like So’leah’s Secret Technique from Tazavesh (the Veiled Market) and even ancient or fateful versions of The first seal (Mausoleum of the First, Prototype Pantheon) will still be good and don’t necessarily need to be bought for Dinars.

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