The Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games of All Time (So Far)

Kyoto, JapanNintendo recently made a listing of the best selling Nintendo Switch games released. After it is already known that the Nintendo Switch is the most successful of the in-house home consoles, we now find out directly from Nintendowhich video game titles have sold the most.

Five years of Nintendo Switch

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch five years ago, i.e. on March 17th, 2017 Nintendo done a lot and above all sold. After it the Nintendo Switch has managed the Nintendo Wii to overtake and thus become its best-selling home console of all time, we now have from Nintendo find out which titles are the best sellers. At least until now, because the Nintendo Switch said to be only halfway through their lifetime. As such, we will be closely monitoring this listing and how it changes over the next five years.

Sales in numbers

From the meanwhile 107 million consoles soldhave themselves proud 822 million games sold. This means that an average of at least 7 games were bought for each console. That’s more than double the number of titles sold Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo In addition to these numbers, she also published the numbers of her video games sold. Many of the titles are there as expected, but some are not. The order of the best-selling video games should also cause one or the other big surprise. We won’t reveal anything in advance and recommend that you read on.

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The best-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time (to date): 10th and 9th place

Here are the most successful ones to date Nintendo Switch Title. If we have already tested the title, you will find a link to the respective review from us. In the list you will find a short description of the respective title as well as its previous absolute sales figures.

#10 Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure – ©Nintendo

The successor of Wii Fit comes in the form of a role-playing game with a fitness ring and a leg strap. As soon as you die Joy-Cons placed in it, a lot of diligence and sweat is required of us. We learn playfully in Ring Fit Adventure a mixture of muscle and endurance training with 30 (!) levels of difficulty. Because only a fit hero can power out hordes of opponents. Workout has never been so much fun!

Not because of video gamers are lazy sacks: with 14.09 million Detached title including fitness rings and leg strap, most should Nintendo Switch Player more than being fit! Keep it up!

#9 Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokemon: Let’s Go, Evolve!

Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu!  - ©Nintendo;  Image source:

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! – ©Nintendo; Image source:

The game world and story of Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokemon: Let’s Go, Evoli! are full of detailed and loving elements that are waiting to be discovered. On the one hand, the titles are a good start for newcomers who want to get to know the world of pocket monsters. If you are already a fan, you can look forward to a nostalgic journey in which you can find all your favoritepokemons meets again.

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Whole 14.53 million time the two titles of the pocket monsters have sold!

The best-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time (to date): 8th and 7th place

#8 Pokémon Radiant Diamond / Pokémon Luminous Pearl

Pokémon Radiant Diamond - ©Nintendo;  Image source:

Pokémon Radiant Diamond – ©Nintendo; Image source:

Pokemon Radiant Diamond / Pokemon Shining Pearl is a game in two versions (as it is for most Pokémon-Title is common. There were rumors about the remakes for a long time, then the rumors came true and the titles once again sold like hot cakes. There is much to discover in the new and already visited places. The titles are appropriate for all ages. Even if fans argue about the new design, stay Pokemon Radiant Diamond / Pokemon Shining Pearl Successful remakes of the originals from 2006.

Pokemon Radiant Diamond / Pokemon Shining Pearl have whole 14.65 million sold!

#7 Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party - ©Nintendo

Super Mario Party – ©Nintendo

A new console, a new one Mario Party! With many new modes, the title offers more variety than ever. While there are a few bad new features, the multiplayer title does what it’s supposed to: lots of fun and enjoyment!

17.78 million Nintendo Switch Gamers love board games and Super Mario and have therefore Super Mario Party fetched!

Surprisingly, no trace of the best-of and remake of all Mario Party Title: Mario Party: Superstars.

Best-selling Nintendo Switch games of all time (to date): 6th place

#6 Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey - ©Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey – ©Nintendo

Even if the title hasn’t made it into the top 5 so far, there was never any question as to whether Super Mario in the top 10 best-selling Nintendo Switch title stuck. Yet it is ours Super Mario not used to being in sixth place. Bowser laughs evil about it.

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Super Mario now has a new cap that accompanies him on his travels. Together they explore a wide variety of worlds that could not be more different. In it, Mario revives old times in two-dimensional pixel passages. And if that wasn’t enough, every Goomba’s nightmare came true: Super Mario can temporarily slip into the role of his opponents by putting his new hat on his opponents. Another 3DSuper Mario Title that once again tries to top everything that came before with a lot of humor and a great soundtrack. Few make it in Super Mario Odyssey to find the nearly one thousand (!) hidden moons. That’s how extensive it is Super Mario turned out beautiful.

Super Mario Odyssey has so far “only” 23.5 million sold!

The Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games of All Time (To Date): continue on the next page!

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