Tiger is First. After more than two years fighting and fighting in the First National, the Victoria team shouted champion by winning the final against Barracas Central and from 2022 they will return to the highest category. And after the victory, El Matador just blew up the streets of Victoria, celebrating the long-awaited rise .

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From Florencio Sola de Banfield , the First National proclaimed a new champion, a native of Victoria. With the encouragement of almost 12 thousand souls that moved from one side to the other side of Greater Buenos Aires, crossing from North to South, Tigre established himself in the second division of Argentine soccer and returns to First after the decline in 2019. He won. 1-0 to Barracas Central, which will now have to go for a rematch in the Reduced.

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From the start of PT, Tigre took the initiative against a Barracas with a different script, trying to cut the playing circuits and be more fighting, taking advantage of some stopped ball to hurt. On the side of those of Victoria, neat with the ball, trying to take advantage of the bands with the mobility of Blondel and Zabala plus the good foot of Prediger and Menossi. Above, the scorer Magnín well accompanied by Protti.

In the first 15 ‘, it was all of Diego Martínez’s team, with several notices. Later, the game was paired -down- with a Barracas who went ahead and played the divided balls with more emphasis. A little in attack, yes. Until at 42 minutes, Tigre shook the drowsiness: Gagliardo’s mistake from below, his team against the foot and Zabala’s lethal response, who had revenge after a previous one that he had wasted. Perfect right shot from outside the area, practically paralyzing 1 del Guapo. Great goal to the delirium of his supporters.

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Obliged, Rodolfo De Paoli he had to move the pieces of the board taking Buter out, changing Valenzuela’s position, appealing to greater ambition. But it didn’t have much of an effect on him in attack. Tigre let him come a bit, but Barracas did not drop his ideas, beyond some attempt from above. Based on Prediger’s experience pulling the strings and the constant struggle of his forwards, the 1-0 could have extended before the spaces offered by the needy Trucker. El Matador was not fine, but he was solid at the back and, practically without suffering, clinched a well-deserved victory and, as a grand prize, the championship and the return to First Division after two years.


Claudio Tapia was one of the great protagonists of the match between Tigre and Barracas Central for the final of the Primera Nacional. Although the president of AFA kept a low profile throughout the engagement and followed the meeting that defined the promotion to the Professional League from a box, his name was a trend on social networks, it was strongly heard in Florencio Sola and it gave that to speak in several sections of the party.

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But without a doubt, one of the most striking moments was at the end when it was time to hand over the cup to Tigre, the brand new champion. It is that although he was present at the stadium, Chiqui, who is the former president of Barracas, preferred not to go down to the field of play and instead it was Marcelo Achile who was in charge of delivering the trophy.

It should be noted that Achile is vice of AFA, president of Defensores de Belgrano and head of the First National, so he has plenty of scrolls to deliver the trophy. But in any case, Tapia’s absence was surprising, especially because last Saturday he had personally delivered the cup to Flandria, the champion of the Primera B.

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