The best exercise for your calves: machine raises

  • The best exercise for your calves: seated machine raises to gain volume and strength
  • We tell you how to execute this movement and the main benefits for your calves
  • Twins: training and basic exercises to make them grow
  • Calf training: 4 exercises to hypertrophy them
  • The trick to gain muscle in the calves

    Ok that twins have a lot of genetics and that, like the forearms, they are usually one of the most neglected muscles when we train in the gym. But if you have to choose an exercise to grow them, at Men’s Health we always go for calf raises, machine and seated. We tell you why it is the perfect exercise to gain muscle, volume and definition.

    To begin with, you have to understand why it is important to have big and strong calves. The benefits go far beyond an aesthetic reason, that too. Strong calves help stabilize our knees, prevent injury, help with power and explosiveness, improve lower body performance, and help with more functional and targeted movements.

    So let’s take a look at the seated calf raise machine and see what makes this exercise so great. Mainly because it is an isolation exercise; When done correctly with good technique, this exercise is perfect for working all the calf muscles. But the specific muscle it targets is the soleus muscle and it is responsible for the downward movement of the foot, also known as plantar flexion. By the way, take note here of the best exercises for your legs and buttocks.

    All the benefits of seated and machine calf raises

    • Supports a larger and stronger soleus
    • It is easy to adjust the weight to add more resistance little by little
    • The technique is relatively simple
    • Add power and explosiveness to our lower body

      How to perform this exercise for calves

      • Set your machine to the desired amount of weight. Place your toes in a comfortable position on the footplate. Make sure you are comfortable and that the thigh padding is exactly where you want it to be.
      • Grab the handles and when you’re ready, lift your toes to release the machine. Make sure you stay focused to really work this muscle.
      • Slowly lower your heels until your calves are stretched, pause and return to the starting position with a more or less explosive rise
      • Repeat for the desired number of sets and reps

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