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The best alternative metro map made by London metro enthusiasts

London's intricate and colorful subway map is popular with locals and visitors alike, but it's still fun to see the old icons reimagined.

Considering that it's not just a transport guide, London subway enthusiasts have spent hours and hours imagining alternative versions of the map.

Transport for London itself has created useful new spin-offs, including stations offering toilets and the best routes for people suffering from claustrophobia.

From futuristic projections to a "Walk the Tube" card, the standard presents some of the best alternative cards designed over the years.

Attention to the map: Peter From Trotman Subway alternative map (Peter Trotman)

Map of the tube & # 39; similar to a grid & # 39;

A designer combined the tube map with a Beijing subway map to create a new grid-shaped city plan.

Alastair Carr created this original design by taking both cards, lining up Tiananmen Square in the Chinese capital with Trafalgar Square and assigning names to all the stations according to their new positions in London.

The map, revealed on its blog Not Quite Tangible, positions the stations at the same distance as they would be in Beijing, thus giving new stations to Zone 1 at Mayfair, Kensington Palace and King's Road.

As part of this project, the 22-year-old had to create new stations in remote villages in suburban London, such as Cock Clarks (near Chelmsford), Bisley (near Woking) and Harmondsworth (near Heathrow).

The map on the left shows the Beijing Metro, with an example of what Central London would look like on the right (Alastair Carr).

Map of the "fascinating" tube in-out

Mr. Carr has also created a Tube-to-Inside card that has been described as "fascinating and useless".

The inverted map represents a world in which Edgware is the epicenter of the capital and where Heathrow Airport has hundreds of planes flying daily to the heart of London.

Meanwhile, major tourist resorts such as Oxford Circus and Leicester Square are connected to the periphery.

Futuristic tube card

An enthusiast of the London Underground also designed a map that reveals what London's transport network could look like in 2040.

The map includes eight major modifications proposed or under construction as part of the ongoing expansion of the rail network.

2040 Tube Map: Impressive design shows how much the London Underground transportation network could change in the coming years (Alastair Carr)

It shows how the subway will probably evolve dramatically over the next few years and includes the two major developments of Crossrail.

Other modifications show the extension of the Bakerloo line to Lewisham, Beckenham Junction and Hayes, as well as the route of a line north to Battersea.

Unofficial tube card: the design shows what the subway could look like from here 2040 (Alastair Carr)

Cards & # 39; Walk the Tube & # 39;

TfL has launched several maps of London to make more people use pedestrian routes between stations.

In the maps, the number of steps and the approximate time required to walk between the stations of zones 1 to 3 have been added.

Some trips, such as between King's Cross and Highbury and Islington, take more than half an hour on foot.

Pioneer: the new map "Walk the Tube" (Transport for London)

Point-by-point interactive map

British web developer Peter Trotman has completely redesigned the Tube map, tracing the different stations on an interactive map of travel time that moves as you use it.

The result is an easy-to-use trip planner that tells you how far each metro station is from your starting point.

The smart card was written in Javascript and took a little over a week to the designer.

Simplified tube card

Jug, architect based in Paris Cerović TfL's current map has been redesigned to make the subway and London's rail network more aesthetic.

The map was designed to make it easier to read the downtown metro lines, using bright colors for the Tube network and clearer lines for the national rail network.

Revised Tube Map Cerović)

In addition, some find the sinuous lines of the map more legible than the cluttered and angular TfL offer.

Mr. Cerović The project started the project in 2014 by producing geographically accurate maps for 12 key cities around the world, from London to Paris to New York, Beijing, Moscow and Tokyo.

Map for people with claustrophobia

A map created shows sections of the Tube network that are above the ground to help people suffering from claustrophobia and anxiety.

The goal is to help commuters who have trouble using the London Underground to establish routes with which they are comfortable and to avoid long sections of tunnel.

The new map shows which sections of the tube are underground (TfL)

The new design indicates which stations and sections of the TfL network are underground by highlighting them in gray.

Toilets of the Underground

This useful metro map could prove vital for commuters who suddenly have the urge to relieve themselves.

TfL's official design shows every London subway station with a toilet.

Map showing the London subway toilets for 2016 (Transport for London)

It details the stations that have facilities inside and outside the door line as well as toilets that can charge.

It also indicates toilets accessible to wheelchair users and stations equipped with changing tables.

Lidl and Waitrose tube map

In addition to a few cards listed above, Alastair Carr has also created a "subway map" listing all the branches of Waitrose and Lidl in London.

The map seems to show different areas of wealth in the areas served by both supermarkets.

The fictional tube map shows all the branches of Lidl and Waitrose in London (Alastair Carr)

In the supermarket sector, Waitrose is known for its rich restaurants, while Lidl is a discount store.

The 22-year-old economist said that he had been "struck" by the lack of Lidl supermarkets in Zone 1.

Most loaded times on the tube

A map has been designed to help commuters avoid London's main stations when they are busiest.

It shows when the platforms of Kings Cross, Victoria, Waterloo, Euston and Oxford Circus are the most populated.

The map shows when major London stations should be avoided (TfL)

It indicates in a useful way during which period of 15 to 45 minutes the most popular stations of the capital, zones 1 and 2, receive the most passengers.

Not surprisingly, in the morning, the resorts are the busiest between 7.45 and 8.45.

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