The best airlines in the United States for cheap flights

For almost two years the tourism industry faced the ravages of a pandemic that paralyzed flights and stopped the intentions of thousands of travelers in the world to visit distant destinations as was done until 2019. Now that the restrictions are lifted in much of the world, knowing America’s best airlines for cheap flights It is essential to resume tourism and business activity.

Without a doubt, one of the industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was that related to tourism and travel. In 2020 alone, US airlines lost about $40 billion. in income by seeing the volume of passengers decrease by 60%, according to calculations by the JD Power consumer research company.

Despite this, this consultant points out that some measures taken by airlines have helped passengers take advantage of offers and flexibility in tickets, among other incentives to regain confidence in flying. “The airline industry has adapted to a very unusual year by simplifying ticketing processes, eliminating change fees and baggage fees that were key in persuading people to fly during the pandemic,” said Michael Taylor, travel intelligence leader at JD Power.

In their 2021 North American Airline Satisfaction Study, JD Power specifies which are the best airlines to buy cheap flights and, in addition, have a satisfactory travel experience:

1. Southwest Airlines

2. JetBlue Airways

3. Delta Air Lines

4. Allegiant Air

5. Alaska Airlines

6. Air Canada

7. United Airlines

8. Spirit Airlines

9. American Airlines

10. Frontier Airlines

11. WestJet

According to the study, passengers have reported satisfactory trips thanks to the fact that during the pandemic the crews paid more attention to the passengers, airlines have eliminated ticket change or cancellation fees and have respected prevention measures against COVID such as leaving empty seats or enforcing hygiene and protection requirements.

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