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Benedetto Vigna he is not the man that was probably expected to drive the Ferrari. The new CEO of Maranello, in office since the first day of September 2021, he is not a well-known face in the automotive sector, but rather a great exponent of the world of electronics and technological research. Up to now he has been a worker of substance and not of appearance, although necessarily his style could change as the role he has accepted to fill will make him more evident.

Originally from Pietrapertosa, Basilicata, in STMicroelectronics he held the role of president of the Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group, STMicroelectronics. Vigna boasts more than 200 patents on microtechnologies, and its inventions have made a contribution to various sectors: for example, its three-dimensional motion sensor was designed for car airbags but was eventually used in Nintendo console wireless controllers. Wii. The Vigna thought on the world of the automobile is in any case little known. However, one can imagine that Ferrari, which has cleared the opportunity of the electric, it will want to continue through him a technological development capable of keeping it attractive, fresh, luxurious.

On inventions

I didn’t get rich inventing, but I still gained the wealth that comes from generating jobs and opportunities. Generating something patentable is important because it protects against competition. In the field of technology, competition is getting tougher“, Vigna explained to the ‘European Patent Office’ Youtube channel back in 2010.

On the LiDAR (remote sensing technique by laser pulse)

Sensor technologies have been a great source of innovation in multiple markets, applications and use cases over the past few decades and I believe there are still many opportunities ahead. For the foreseeable future, I am convinced that LiDAR and thermal imaging are likely to see great progress“.

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On engineering

I started studying physics at the University of Pisa and my dream was to pursue an academic career. Then I got involved in research projects and after some time I wanted something that was closer to reality, which is why I went to work in STMicroelectronics. My employers hired me, according to them, because I was good from a technical point of view, and because I wanted to try new challenges. But sometimes good technicians don’t want to go beyond their comfort zone“, He told EDN in 2008.

Sull’Internet of Things

What we are seeing now is what always happens when new technology takes hold. There are many players, many ideas and few will reach the finish line. The phenomenon will emerge when the combination of wireless communication protocols and sensors will consume much less“, Said Vigna to Sole 24 Ore in 2015.

On managerial work

When the MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) division was created, I managed the design, production and marketing of the products. Gradually I did less and less manual work. I spend more time planning the timing of the work and studying how customers will be able to use the systems. We have hired other engineers who have specific skills to design these systems, but all must have the desire to experiment and try new challenges. Meanwhile, I have also given value to the opportunity to travel and interface with different cultures, I have had many chances to think differently” (EDN, 2008).

Benedetto Vigna, who is the new CEO of Ferrari

You know Benedetto Vigna’s curriculum, his best inventions and even a few small glimpses of his life as an engineer and, basically, an entrepreneur. On his ideas in the automotive field, updates are expected instead, in view of a role that will not only lead him to follow the future of a historic brand, but which will project him into a sector that is transforming very rapidly. Also thanks to the semiconductors of which he is a great expert.

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