The Believer Company, founded by Riot Games veterans, wants to make online gaming more accessible

The Believer Company, founded by Riot Games veterans, wants to make online gaming more accessible

Believer Company

The Believer Company is a new studio founded by several veteran Riot Games (League of Legends) executives who will be working on a multiplayer AAA open world game, which seeks to make online gaming more accessible to casual gamers.

Several veterans of Riot Games, the company dedicated to League of Legends, have decided to fly free and found a new company, The Believer Company. Your goal is to make a open world game next generation, based on original intellectual property.

The company was founded in April 2022, but they have gone public today, after gathering 55 million dollars in a financing round, in which they have received money from venture capital firms such as Andreesen Horowitz, Bitkraft Ventures, 1up Ventures, The Tornante Company, as well as Riot Games itself.

as CEO of The Believer Company it is Michael Chowformer Vice President of Riot Games and former executive producer of League of Legends Wild Rift, as well as co-founder of Newtoy (developers of Words with Friends).

Believer’s CPO is Steven Snowone of the founding members of Riot Games in 2006, who believes that League of Legends was one of the games that changed the landscape of free to play games, and now declares that he is excited to say “thanks but no” to the technologies that they wouldn’t make the games more fun.

Virtually the entire head of The Believer Company is made up of former members of Riot Games: Landon McDowell, Tim Hsu, Shankar Gupta-Harrison, Grace Park or Jeff Jew, while Jeremy Vanhoozer comes from Bungie and Electronic Arts.

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Investors in The Believer Company include Michael Eisnerformer director of The Walt Disney Company between 1984 and 2005, who states that “Good franchises aren’t limited to one medium, they have to resonate across gaming, film, TV, collectibles, and real-world experiences.“.

In an interview for GamesIndustrySnow explains that his game will emphasize social experiences and playing with friends, but that it will be less demanding with players who can’t dedicate the same time to playing.

The games with vertical progression systems separate us. If I’m level 60 and you’re level 1 we shouldn’t play together until I pay off the playable debt. We want to create systems that don’t wait for a engagement 100% of everyone. We love the idea that more casual friends can come together and still have a great time.“.

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