The beautiful woman whom the emperor loved… a shocking reason behind the death of Hala Fouad and the secret of the departure of her son Haitham Ahmed Zaki at the same age!! (exciting details)

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It has been 29 years since the departure of the Egyptian artist Hala Fouad, and her image is still present in the hearts of the Arab masses, perhaps because of her exceptional talent, and perhaps because her story is full of sadness and pain.

The pain in Hala Fouad’s life occupies a larger area than the space of joy and happiness, as the pain began with her when she fell in love with the artist Ahmed Zaki, and she married him in 1983 in the hope of forming a home and a family, but she could not bear the nature of the “brown boy”, who loved acting and fame more than her. The marriage resulted in the birth of “Haitham”, and when life became impossible between them, she decided to separate, and after two years she married the tourist expert Ezzedine Barakat and gave birth to her second son, “Rami”.

Hala Fouad’s Works She also participated in the championship of 8 drama series, including: “The Man Who Lost His Memory Twice, Fawazeer Occasions, Deprivation, Life Again, The Price of Fear.” On stage, she performed only two works, “My Family” and “Street Boys”.

Retirement Despite the brilliance of Hala Fouad’s star and brilliance in television and cinema, she decided to withdraw from the center and wear the veil in 1990, and this decision came after she suffered several strokes, to realize that life is not worth the trouble and struggle for fame and lights. After recovering from repeated clots, a new disease attacked her and forced her to stay in bed for a long time, and she was shocked when tests confirmed that she was suffering from breast cancer.

The cause of Hala Fouad’s death Hala Fouad traveled to France to begin her treatment journey from breast cancer, and her condition improved, and then decided to wear the hijab, and turn to God, and her health deteriorated again, and she spent her last days praying to God, until the news of her father’s death shocked her. Director Ahmed Fouad, her illness worsened, and she fell into an intermittent coma.

On May 10, 1993, Hala Fouad passed away at the age of 35. Paradoxically, her son, “Haitham”, whom she sang to and wished him happiness, died suddenly at the same age, as if they had an agreement to leave and be satisfied with 35 years of life.



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