The Avellaneda and San Vicente versions of the incidents – Football

The Cordovan Football League was the protagonist of a violent event this Saturday afternoon in the meeting between Avellaneda and Unión San Vicente.

The riots began after the expulsion of a player from San Vicente. With stones and the throwing of blunt objects, injuries were caused to a footballer from Avellaneda, to a minor under eight years of age and there were also total destruction in facilities of the Jardin del Pilar neighborhood club.

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The voices of the protagonists of the event:

Guillermo Kraisman, president of Avellaneda

I contacted the president of the Cordovan Football League and expressed my concern
They are guys who are fully identified, both bars from the Unión San Vicente sector and a player who harangued the tribune to react and start throwing forceful elements that left a player of ours in a coma.
Miguel Puebla, the footballer, thank God he’s fine. Is being supervised
An eight-year-old minor was also injured with a blunt force element in his mouth. He is a player of our inferiors
There are seven wrecked vehicles. The referee’s car was destroyed
The president of the League will seek economic and sports sanctions for Unión San Vicente
This stains amateur football
If there is no sanction, we are not willing to continue in this competition

Adrián Medina, secretary of the San Vicente club

President Kraisman contacted the president of San Vicente, Altamirano, and they agreed that the entrance of the public was through the gate of the visitor’s gallery. That gate was not enabled
When the match ended, people began to turn around to look for their cars and were attacked with stones
That’s why we all went to defend our heritage that was there being attacked
We did not break any gate to enter the field, we broke it to be able to get the cars out and go
We are already making complaints and they will have to take charge of the situation, especially Kraisman for carrying out an operation that was not up to the game.

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