The Attorney General opens an investigation into the alleged pressures denounced by Navajas

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 – 07:55

The Tax Inspection opens information proceedings to determine whether there should be disciplinary consequences

The attorney general, Dolores Delgado, along with the Supreme Attorney’s lieutenant, Luis Navajas.

The Fiscal Inspection has opened a previous information to investigate the claim of the Supreme Court prosecutor, Luis Navajas, that two prosecutors from the High Court Chamber pressured him to support the complaints filed against the Government for the management of the pandemic.

The Fiscal Inspection, which depends on the State Attorney General directed by Dolores Delgado, must determine if the words of number two of the Prosecutor’s Office justify transforming the previous information into a file that concludes a disciplinary sanction. The court prosecutors identified as responsible for the pressure are the former State Attorney General Consuelo Madrigal and the prosecutor Fidel Cadena. Presumably, both will have to give their version of the facts before the Fiscal Inspection, which directs Faust Cartagena.

In his interview on Onda Cero, the Supreme Prosecutor’s lieutenant stated that he had not taken the study of the complaints to the Board of Court Prosecutors because there were prosecutors “ideologically contaminated.” And he claimed that two of them had come to his office to tell him that his professional prestige was at stake if he did not promote the investigation.

“They came to my office to influence me on the substance of this matter. To advise me. Hey, on your shoulder lies the prestige of the race, don’t go to put a ball in your last months,” Navajas said in the interview. “One of them, extraordinary but contaminated because he tells me ‘I’m going to tell you, don’t heat your head. What you have to do is this and I advise you …’. What I have to do When I have studied it, it is to address the defendants, “he added. “I’m not saying they coerced me, but they did try to influence me,” he summarized.

The intervention of number two of the Public Ministry was harshly criticized by the majority Association of Prosecutors (AF) and by the Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors (Apif). The Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF), to which Delgado is linked, did not want to comment on an incident that has shocked the prosecutorial career. One of the criticisms directed at Navajas has been that, if she believed that her colleagues were acting incorrectly, she should have addressed the Fiscal Inspection.

In the interview, Navajas already suggested that Madrigal had to face an internal investigation for an article published in EL MUNDO on the management of the pandemic, which was very critical of the Government.

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