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The trading platform will start working on January 31st. It will be possible to buy non-fungible AP tokens using a bank card or cryptocurrency

One of the largest international news agencies, Associated Press, has announced the launch of an NFT marketplace for selling photographs. The trading platform will launch on January 31st on the Polygon blockchain. Each lot will contain additional information about the location and date of the photo, as well as the equipment used and the technical settings of the camera.

According to the AP release, the purchase of NFT tokens can be paid with a bank card or cryptocurrency (support for MetaMask, Fortmatic, Binance and Coinbase wallets).

One of the first lots available for purchase will be a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of Oded Balilty dated February 1, 2006. The picture shows the confrontation between a local resident and Israeli security forces in the settlement of Amona. The starting price of the lot is still unknown.

Photo: AP Photo / Oded Balilti

Photo: AP Photo / Oded Balilti

The Associated Press is an international news agency founded in 1846.

NFT tokens are unique and not divisible. Such tokens are used to confirm ownership of an object; they cannot be replaced without the consent of the owner.

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