Moroccan rapper Youssef Akdim, known as Lartiste, has come out of his silence. This, following the controversy aroused by the recent videos of the youtubeur Nabil El Moudni, Moroccan installed in France, and his accusations against the singer Marwa Loud who would have resorted to witchcraft and charlatanism, with the diabolical aim of separate Lartiste from his wife.

Also, Youssef Akdim has decided to enlighten his fans and followers, as well as the Moroccan public opinion, on what he really thinks of this sordid affair supposedly of cabal and maraboutism.

The artist chose his official Instagram social network account in order to “defend Morocco’s reputation and image, while strongly ensuring that he does not want anyone to have a false and negative view of the Kingdom. Just as he made a point of strongly emphasizing that the Kingdom is a beautiful country where citizens live, women and men, generally known for their kindness and their religious faith.

In addition, the Moroccan rapper said that charlatans and other followers of black magic are few in Morocco and carry out their “evil” activities in the greatest secrecy and in absolute discretion. The artist also did not fail to recall that Morocco is a country “of light and wisdom”, with magnificent mosques and whose theologians are learned and appreciated throughout the Muslim world.

Larbi Alaoui

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