The army is tearing through the mountains to set up tents in Taroudant

The army is tearing through the mountains to set up tents in Taroudant

A team of the “Atlas Archers” of the Royal Armed Forces, specialized in mountaineering, carried out a complex operation in the Taroudant region, within a geographical area considered difficult to access.

Hespress sources explained that the operation involved transporting 30 tents, the equivalent of 1,200 kilograms on the backs of animals, and the shoulders of the “Atlas Archers.”

The same sources added that 3 villages were reached in the mountains that were difficult to reach, and the operation was completed with great success thanks to the use of special mountain climbing equipment.

The process took place in 3 stages: The first started from the last point that was difficult for cars to reach, where tents were carried on the backs of animals and specialized teams to deliver them to those villages.

The second stage consisted of moving towards the roundabouts that will be served on the road damaged by the earthquake. This area is considered difficult to access due to the large number of falling stones and landslides along the road, with the presence of water channels.

The third stage was the team’s return to the starting point, which took 6 hours on foot with the animals, a distance of approximately 20 kilometers.

Hespress sources indicated that the First Regiment of Atlas Archers (1er BCA) is considered one of the oldest units of the Royal Armed Forces, and it performs various tasks, whether in forming various units of the Royal Armed Forces to adapt to the difficult climatic conditions in the mountains, or carrying out special operations in the highlands, as well as search and rescue operations. there.

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The same sources added that the mountain infantry units of the Royal Armed Forces were established in 1958, and developed into the Atlas Archers Regiment by royal order in 2013. This regiment carries out combat missions in the high mountains, intervention and rescue missions in the high mountains, and training tasks in high-mountain techniques, whether climbing. Or skiing or living in the mountains.

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