Some resist, again and again. The deployment of Linky continues in France and should be completed in the coming months. According to Enedis, 35 million homes have been equipped with this communicating meter in six years, which represents “more than 8 French out of 10” and “90% of them are satisfied with the installation”. On his site, the operator of the electricity distribution network describes the various advantages of Linky.

  • Electricity consumption monitoring
  • Tailor-made electricity offers
  • Remote operations
  • Simplification of self-consumption installations
  • Better control of energy consumption
  • Better performing services
  • Savings

This last point is particularly important for many consumers who face rising gas and electricity prices. In his latest report, the Energy Mediator explains: “With higher prices and higher consumption, energy bills have a greater impact on the budget of French households”. 79% of the people questioned in this study * affirm that these expenses represent now a significant part of their budget.

Smart meter: 34% of French people are not in favor

Despite its deployment in France and the communication that is made around the device, Linky is still unknown to many French people. In this study, the Energy Mediator stresses that “84% of households” in the country are equipped with a communicating meter. 83% of those questioned own Linky and 17% also own Gazpar. Despite the gradual progress of these new devices, 34% of respondents are not in favor, according to the Energy Mediator. What are their arguments for refusing or dreading this pose? We take stock in the slideshow above.

* Survey carried out by the .becoming research institute from September 6 to 21, 2021 with a representative sample of 2,016 French households interviewed electronically for the third consecutive year. Representativeness was ensured by the quota method and by an adjustment on the variables of age and profession of the head of household, after stratification by region and size of agglomeration.

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