the arbitrations of Barracas and the reason for the ghosts

The scandal of Tuesday night in the victory of Central Tents Before the Board of Trustees, it did not mean the appearance of a new phenomenon that came to further cloud Argentine football that has leaks everywhere. That which could have surprised the distracted fans who follow the elite tournament of our country, was a repeated movie for Ascenso fans.

Just a few months ago, at the end of 2021, everyone was talking, questioning, pointing, kicking and hitting their heads over the controversial arbitrations that took place from date to date when the team of Ricardo Chiqui Tapia, the new president of the AFA, went out to the field. The cloak of suspicion was the pilcha with which he arrived at First. And that it seemed in the past, he came out in Floresta…

Baliño was in the crosshairs…

Baliño and Barracks

The referee Jorge Baliño, with a poor performance despite the fact that he looked impeccable in the mirror, had had a controversial match with Barracas that generated the anger of San Lorenzo for a penalty that he did not see because he grabbed Bareiro. Of course he could have understood that it was not a foul or, perhaps, the speed of the action did not allow him to capture the moment: the strange thing is that the VAR did not call him and he did not say a word …

Who was in the video room? Yael Falcon Perez. “Baliño told us that he sees the restraint, but that he was not enough to shoot the striker. If there is restraint in the area, it is a penalty. But I also don’t understand why the VAR didn’t call Baliño to see the play, I’m trying to get someone to explain to me why it didn’t happen”, Ruben Darío Insua, CASLA manager, asked.

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In that game, the Ciclón had a goal annulled due to a finite, very fine, negligible offside: the colored lines of the VAR threw some astrophysical parallels to support the decision: if the lines mark it, and the images are not clear, then they give right to technology. That’s what he came for…

Last trodden?

The following game, the same VAR man who omitted the grab on Bareiro, was appointed to direct… Barracas Central, who won on his visit to Talleres. Anyway, he had a good arbitration. But more than one who suffered the First National in 2021 will have felt a stab in the chest. In that frenetic and non-stop journey that El Guapo had, there were endless controversies.

In the middle of the tournament, the president of Gimnasia de Mendoza, Luis Vila, exploded: “There are three criminals who can no longer direct. Nelson Sosa is corrupt and criminal, and I take responsibility for what I say; Yael Falcón is the worst referee in the category; and Mr. Ceballos is another corrupt. Many Argentine soccer leaders think the same.. Those were days when coaches, players and managers complained of inexplicable failures…

Let’s go back to the spectral night on the All Boys court. As the club does not have fiber optics, the VAR was in a truck equipped with all the technology, which, in addition to Diego Abal and Diego Ceballos, was attended by Federico Beligoy, the National Director of Arbitration. What did he see? That his boys had an impeccable match. He supported every decision of Baliño and the VAR.

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In the first goal disallowed by Axel Rodríguez, due to offside after a rejection by a rival -Salvareschi-, he would have seen an imperceptible brush against a Patronato player. In the penalty given to Barracas, there could be a touch to Calderara, who flew as if his legs had been amputated. That, of course, in terms of the two most controversial plays, although throughout the game a lot of unusual mistakes occurred: fouls that were not or non-existent advanced positions…

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handsome things

In PN times, Another one targeted every time he was appointed to whistle for Barracas was Andrés Merlos, who saved him in a key duel against Brown de Adrogué. The man who became an international judge with Chiqui Tapia, was observed by the fobal’s environment…

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It was no coincidence that a month ago, when River eliminated Guapo from the Argentine Cup, the Gallardo Doll said after victory: “The team played a good game despite Merlos”. The pitched battle experienced by the Patronato players in Floresta revived the ghosts of Ascent. Is it a desire?

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