: The ‘apps’ for wellness are emerging as a trend in the best organizations ::

The well-being of employees has become one of the main priorities of Human Resources in the best organizations, working in areas such as exercise, nutrition and especially emotional well-being. Moreover, they are increasingly doing so with digital tools that help improve the employee experience.

Wellness programs allow you to create a personalized experience so that employees receive the right support at the right time and help better assess their needs. Among their various options, they also include expert advice, sleep monitoring, stress management techniques and yoga and pilates classes, among many other initiatives.

Employee wellness has become an absolute priority. To implement the best wellness strategy, 62% of Top Employers companies already involve employees in the design of wellness programs and 63% assess their needs in this area“, emphasizes Massimo Begelle, Regional Manager for Spain and Italy at Top Employers Institute.

Allmirall and BSH Electrodomesticos are two good examples of companies that already use applications for employee well-being.

Almirall: solidarity sports challenge through the app

Almirall’s +YouFeelfit app is a social and collaborative challenge in which employees accumulate miles by practicing sports with a noble cause. It is a way to contribute to Almirall’s Noble Purpose, by donating the total amount of money generated through physical activities to non-profit organizations. With this, they also develop the awareness and knowledge of employees about the pathology and its impact on the lives of patients. In addition, they involve employees in strengthening their health and well-being and promoting good habits (physical, nutritional and emotional) in their day-to-day activities.

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BSH: app with table of personal exercises

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common health problems and affect workers in all sectors and work areas, regardless of age and gender. To investigate the causes and be able to minimize them, BSH together with Mutua MAZ and San Jorge University set up the Healthy Company Chair, the only Occupational Health Chair in Spain in which a private company participates. Since the project began in 2013, musculoskeletal disorders have been reduced by 12%. To this end, the employees most sensitive to this type of disorder were identified, and they were provided with an exercise and stretching program with the aim of minimizing these injuries. In addition, they have the ‘Empresa Sana’ application that offers personalized exercise tables according to the personal characteristics of the employee and the tasks they perform in their job. The ‘Empresa Sana’ app is scheduled to be updated at the end of 2022 with recommendations on good sleep, emotional well-being and healthy eating.



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