The appearance of “Bat Hair”, Mayan Al-Sayed, ignites the social media. An embarrassing situation that shocked the star! (picture)

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It seems that the fashion for displaying the armpits by different artists has begun, and now actress Mayan El-Sayed is leading the conversation on social media after circulating pictures of her armpits.

Bully the armpit of Mr. Mayan

The Egyptian actress was subjected to ridicule and bullying because of her armpit display, due to a group of photos that she posted on her personal account on Instagram.

She appeared through the pictures, raising her forearms and showing her armpits, and comments began to rain down on her: “You don’t have to move the same every time, my lady.”

Another comment was also made: “If you have a man’s bat, we have the master Mayan bat.”

As a result of the campaign launched against Bat Mayan Al-Sayed, a Twitter account appeared to respond to the tweets

He also published in his first tweet: “I am free, raise my arm, lower my arm, I am free. I do not have an invitation to kill you, and I do not have an invitation to treat you, and I do not have an invitation to think about your sexuality.

Through her account on Instagram, Mayan responded to the bullying she was subjected to: The first time I felt the amount of bullying, defamation, and humiliation in my life.. and seriously.


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