The Angels: The show stops definitively, Thomas reacts

As you recently read on melty: the Angels show is definitely over! It must be said that the recent Angels Vacation 4 hearings and the harassment accusations have not helped matters for the future of the program. And to the announcement of this judgment, many Internet users reacted, but not that … The candidates of reality TV also said what they thought of it. And lately, it was Thomas who reacted to the shutdown of this iconic reality TV show. A little further down in this article, we let you discover the story he posted on Instagram.

The story of Toto – Credit (s): Instagram toto_anges_off

“A lot of blank polemics made by the frustrated and jealous led to all this. Some will be happy, others sad. Thank you for these years where I enjoyed myself, annoyed, cried, appreciated and questioned”, Toto wrote on the social network. For him, the judgment of the Angels therefore has a relationship with the fight that Angela, Rawell and Rania led to the release of the Holidays of the Angels 4 … Namely, the harassment that they denounced during the shooting! In a completely different register, know that Paga has revealed if he was going to leave Les Marseillais, as rumors have been announcing for a few days.

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