After the letter to the Government of a few weeks sent by the local authorities, the coordinator of the Health Commission Donini returns to the theme: “We need to implement the resources of the national fund that give the ability to make the structures indispensable for citizens work”.

11 OTT – “As a country system we need to arrive at the NRP with adequate coordination, which can give substance to this great structural opportunity. The Regions must get there alive, however, the commitment undertaken in the pandemic must continue, even resume the diagnoses and visits to the lists of waiting that have accumulated. We cannot wait for the fund to increase, but start the system now because otherwise everything stops. The patient must arrive alive to the structural treatment of the NRP “. That’s what he said Raffaele Donini, coordinator of the Health Commission of the Conference of Regions, spoke during the initiative promoted by the Fp Cgil “Between pandemic and future: the national health and social service at the crossroads of the PNRR”.

The Regions – Donini underlines – are “willing to enter into a close voice-by-voice discussion with the government of the expenses on personnel hired for implementation in the department dedicated to Covid, contact tracing and accredited private individuals”. Having avoided “this danger – explains Donini -, which for many Regions means going into deficit, it is necessary to implement the resources of the national fund that give the ability to make the structures indispensable for citizens work: home care at a structural level, community houses where operators health and social-health care take on a valid dimension to lighten hospitalization. Within this reform – continues the councilor – we cannot all remain as before: general practitioners will have to adapt to interpreting this phase as protagonists, because they are the custodians of a trust of the NHS for the Regions, agreeing on any additional services. The availability to work in teams and in group medicine is not negotiable in the future “.

For Donini “there can no longer be an exclusive relationship only with his assisted population. A bureaucratic relief will be needed, because doctors have to do more doctors than complementary activities, perhaps with the contribution of the community nurse. a person goes to the hospital in white code because his doctor is not available. Also on this – Donini reiterates – greater attractiveness is needed for this profession, also with a measurable and collectable agreement, which does not multiply the levels of bargaining, but which is therefore a stringent convention and, why not, also with a relationship of dependence between the contracted doctor and the public. We do not want to privatize the medicine of the territory: the Regions do not want to do so, if there is public dependence there is no privatization. Provided that those we have set as objectives are realized “, concludes Donini.

11 October 2021
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