the ace in the sleeve against Mercedes and company

Tesla is positioned better and better in Europe. Good proof of this are the sales figures that have been registered between January and May of this 2021. The increase in sales in this period was of 42%, with a total of 41,230 units sold. These are distributed among the 40,858 units of Model 3, the 277 del Model X and the 155 of Model S.

Some numbers to which it will now be necessary to add those of the Tesla Model Y, whose first deliveries are scheduled for this month of July. A roadmap that unfortunately will not be produced. Although the brand has already got to work so that these first deliveries are not delayed beyond the third quarter of 2021 of this key model in the strategy of Tesla with whom you want to stand up to Mercedes and company.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

Infrastructure problems at Tesla

The reason, according to reports from Germany, is that the factory that Tesla had to launch in Berlin is experiencing delays in starting production. It should be said that Tesla manufactures in China and in USA, and that this new factory should be the nerve center in Europe.

A mishap to which they have reacted with a temporary solution so that all those who have requested a Model Y can have the key in hand from September. It is the date indicated in the signature configurator.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

The first Model Ys will be ‘Made in China’

This temporary solution consists of resorting to the units that Tesla manufactures in Shanghai to supply the European public. And it will be held until the German factory can be put into operation. The intentions are to produce in these facilities some 500,000 units of the Model 3 and Model Y year.

It should be said that the models whose delivery is scheduled for September are the Great Autonomy. Those who have requested a Performance they will have to wait a little longer. The expected date is early 2022.

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