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    Spring changes our mood, since it is the moment of joy, in which many positive energies arise. Thanks to the increase in the sun’s rays, the body decreases the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Therefore, when there is more light, we have more energy and less sleep, so it is advisable to take advantage of that positive and energetic state of mind to lead a healthy life that includes the practice of physical exercise.

    For all this, from Basic-Fit they have developed a proposal of exercises to train the whole body, for 20 minutes, outdoors or in the gym. In this way, we can take advantage of the good temperature that spring offers us and use the urban elements that we find in the city as material for training. The explanation of each exercise is shown on video.

    The 7-Exercise Workout for a Quick Gym Routine

    Jogging (5 minutes) on a flat surface such as asphalt or in a park.

    knee raise on step using a bench to support one leg while raising the other (3×10 right/ 3×10 left)

    Bulgarian lunges (or single leg squats) also using a bench to support one leg while the other is bent (3×10 left/ 3×10 right)

    Barbell grip bicep pull-ups or horizontal ladder (as many repetitions as possible). How to do 17 perfect pull-ups.

    tricep dips resting your hands on a trunk or slightly elevated surface on the ground (3×10) Remember: dips for triceps or dips of all kinds, the exercise for bigger arms

    Mountain climbers (the climbers) resting your hands on a step and looking at the ground to raise your legs bent as if you were climbing (3×30 repetitions)

    Skipping using a low step (3×30 reps)

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