The rating of AvtoVzglyad is formed on the basis of one of the most impartial systems of statistics of breakdowns, according to the German TUV for 2020.

Oddly enough, but the most problematic after 5 years of operation turned out to be almost the standard of a European medium-sized sedan – Volkswagen Passat. According to TUV, 17.2% of cars of this age have been in the hands of servicemen during operation. True, the average mileage of “Passats” is the maximum among the models participating in the rating – 118,000 km.

The American Ford Mondeo looks a little better than this “German” with an indicator of 15.3% refusals for an average mileage of 111,000 km. The third place from the “bottom” of our anti-rating was taken by Hyundai i40 – 14.7% of calls to service stations. But the average mileage of these cars is much more modest – 79,000 km.

A line higher is the Skoda Superb. This model, strictly speaking, is not classified as a sedan, but as a liftback. But in everyday life, no one pays attention to this fact at all. Be that as it may, but the “Czech” demonstrates a good result in 10.8% of cars that have broken down in 5 years, with a mileage of 109,000 km that is quite comparable with the outsiders in the rating.

And Mazda 6 became the “best among the worst” in the considered class of used sedans. Only 8.3% of owners of such cars, according to German statistics, visit a car service in the first 5 years of operation. But we must bear in mind that the average mileage here is relatively small – 82,000 km.