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Are you worried about your immunity? Do you want to strengthen it? It is even possible to enjoy food at the same time. The Russian nutritionist and doctor of biological sciences Alexandr Miroshnikov explained which are the best foods for our immune system.

The specialist highlighted above all the foods that contain C vitamin, responsible for manufacturing interferon and immune cells. A good option is the black currant, since 100 grams of this berry contain 22% of the necessary daily amount of vitamin C.

Vitamin A is also important for immune cells, and the basil is a great source of it. The dietitian advises consuming three or four bouquets of basil a day. It can also be combined with lettuce, which, thanks to the large amount of vitamin B it contains, helps fight stress.

Miroshnikov also emphasized the importance of dill for strengthening immunity. The phytoncides it contains have antibacterial properties, explained the nutritionist in an interview with the Russian channel Moscow 24.
A person eats salad - Sputnik World, 1920, 07/14/2021

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All of these herbs go well with prawns, according to the nutritionist, since these shellfish are rich in a protein that helps our immunity. So cooking shrimp with dried dill is a good idea, the specialist suggested.