The 5 cheapest cities in Italy to move to immediately, and you want to live almost for free

Today working from home (which we also call smart working, or home working) is growing more and more, the people who – thanks to the internet and computers – can stay away from the office even for weeks or months are now hundreds of thousands. It is a change full of consequences and the main one, perhaps, is that more and more people can choose to live wherever they want.

Some, despite doing smart working, still decide to live in the same city, not far from the office: it happens because so if you ever have to have a meeting in person there is no need to move or travel. Others, however, prefer to take advantage of the opportunity to move and live elsewhere: in places where the quality of life is higher.

But how to choose the province or town to move to to fully enjoy the purchasing power of our salary? Italy offers many possibilities: the Italian province has hundreds of small, silent and beautiful villages where life is slow and relaxing. They are also places where you eat divinely – spending very little, by the way.

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To choose, just look at the least expensive cities in Italy. They are the most attractive of all, because they offer excellent services, stable and secure web connections, and all the comforts of a city. At the same time they cost very little, just like living in the province.

And what are the cheapest cities in Italy? The five “least expensive” cities, as economic experts define them, are Potenza, Ancona, Caltanissetta, Teramo and, finally, Bari.

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We are talking about large Italian cities, well connected to the rest of the country and full of cultural and artistic initiatives. Despite this, they offer very low rents and minimal expenses for bills, food and transport.

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