The 4 foods you should never eat if you have high cholesterol according to Harvard

The 4 foods you should never eat if you have high cholesterol according to Harvard

Red, processed and fried meats are especially harmful if you have high cholesterol.

  • Red meat raises cholesterol
  • Fried foods and cholesterol
  • Avoid sausages and processed meats
  • Cookies and pastries raise cholesterol

High cholesterol is one of the main factors of cardiovascular risk. According to the Spanish Heart Foundation, people with blood cholesterol levels of 240 mg/dL has twice the risk of having a heart attack of myocardium than those with figures of 200, which would be ideal.

When the organism is unable to absorb the cholesterol that circulates through the blood, the excess is deposited in the artery walls and over time narrows them causing atherosclerosis.

Diet is directly related to cholesterol levels. A diet rich in vegetables It is related to low cholesterol levels. Nuts or oily fish, sources of omega 3 fatty acids, also contribute to an optimal lipid profile.

As for foods to avoid, there is some confusion because not all those that contain cholesterol should be avoided. Eggs contain cholesterol but provide high-quality protein and other nutrients, so they can be eaten in moderation. The foods that really are a danger to the cardiovascular system because they increase cholesterol, especially if you have a tendency to do so, are those rich in saturated and trans fats because they raise the levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), which is what accumulates in the walls of the arteries.

Harvard experts recall the 4 foods or groups of foods that you should reduce in your diet if you have high cholesterol and why.

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Red meat raises cholesterol

The beef, pork and lamb They are high in saturated fat. It is especially advisable to avoid burgerslas ribs and the pork chops because they are the fattest pieces.

Harvard experts insist that “you don’t have to avoid meat completely, just eat it once in a while”. Red meat is a great source of hierro hardly comparable to other foods due to the amount it provides and how assimilable it is, which is why it is recommended for people with anemia. The recommendation is to choose lean meats As the sirloin or the pork loin and take portions of about 85 g, no more.

The red meat should not be the main source of protein of the diet. There are others that are healthier, such as white meat from pollo o them without skin, the fish waves legumes.

Fried foods and cholesterol

Foods don’t just shoot up their calories by frying them. He oil reaches temperatures so high that compounds toxic to our body are produced (hydroperoxides or free radicals) that oxidize cells and also cholesterol, making it easier for it to adhere to the arteries.

If you like the crunchy effect of frying, you can coat the food with a little egg, flour or corn flakes and bake it.

Avoid sausages and processed meats

Processed meats should be totally eliminated from the diet if you suffer from cholesterol because there is no nutrient that justifies its consumption as in the case of red meat and iron.

Los sausages and the processed meats as sausages always use the fattest parts of the pig and have a high cholesterol and saturated fat contentin addition to sal that favors the hypertension.

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Chicken or turkey sausages contain less fat than red meat, but they also contain cholesterol.

Cookies and pastries raise cholesterol

Biscuits, cakes and industrial pastries are usually prepared with butter o vegetable fats like palm oil.

to enjoy a Biscuit without your cholesterol skyrocketing, prepare them at home with ingredients like virgin olive oil, eggs, wholemeal flour, skimmed milkvegetable drinks, apple and banana puree… But do not add butter, whole milk or other saturated fats.



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