The 3 mistakes that could cost dearly to those who start running to lose weight and for this reason it is better to ask yourself how to start and try to lose weight in the right way

When it is late spring, the desire to lose weight unconsciously grows. An important ally for this mission, never forgetting the need for a healthy and balanced diet, is physical activity. What many choose to do is running. A natural activity, which is part of those things that you do as children and you imagine that even as adults they can be conducted without caring too much about what the problems are. The truth is that running is certainly good, as long as you choose to do it safely and avoiding risks. So here are the 3 mistakes that could generate some problems for those who start running to lose weight.

After all, those who are out of shape and want to start moving again are likely not an athlete. That is, that it is a person who has not been physically active for a long time.

The first mistake you make is to get back on track without making a “coupon” to your body. A little as if it were the revision of the car. To understand if you should try to run, you need to ask your family doctor or a specialist for an opinion. He is aware of any situations that could make another type of activity preferable or especially if, as often happens, it is advisable to take exams to give the green light. The classic example is cardiology control, but it is not the only one in some cases.

Running in the open air does not make it necessary to present a certificate of healthy and robust constitution to anyone, but it must be done for one’s own sake.

The 3 mistakes that could cost dearly to those who start running to lose weight and for this reason it is better to ask yourself how to start and try to lose weight in the right way

The second mistake is not to take into account two crucial factors for the activity: the shoes and the terrain. Choosing areas only because they are panoramic but perhaps have uneven ground, are full of ups and downs or have other criticalities is a typical mistake of those who do not know the discipline. And in this sense, shoes also play a decisive role, considering that one cannot imagine saving by not buying a pair that are created for running. It is an essential tool for practicing the activity, as they perform a shock-absorbing activity and allow you to limit risks. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of models. Some are also cheap, but it can be useful to always inquire online with reviews, social groups or forums where we talk about running.

The other risk and third mistake is that of asking too much of your body. If you have been standing still for months or years, it is not conceivable to think of running with the endurance of a marathoner and the speed of a sprinter. It is good to create a program that, over time, alternating walking and running can lead to sustaining a sustained pace in the long term. Especially if you are overweight (but not only), you can face injuries and a number of other problems in a naive way. But you can also become distrustful when you notice that you are unable to sustain certain efforts. Better, therefore, to start with the right awareness and calibrate the activity to your abilities. Here, then, are the 3 mistakes that those who want to lose weight by starting to run could commit.

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